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  1. Anonymous says

    I loved your theme and the stuff you had. Where did you get the “circus box” goodie box? I’ve been looking for those for my son’s b-day party.

  2. says

    Are you referring to the headers like Contact me and Advertise with brown behind them? I want to make sure everything is easy. The rest of the page should have white behind it. Is it not showing up for you?

  3. Anonymous says

    Hi! I love your blog! Just discovered it tonight and have been looking at about everything! :) Any good ideas for YW bulletin boards? There is one I have to come up with that stays up all year long but I’m new to the calling and am not quite sure what to do. thanks!


  4. Anonymous says

    Love your blog and ideas. However it’s really difficult to easily read everything with the font on the site being so LARGE! Makes it really difficult. Could you make the font smaller??

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