Halloween Silhouettes with Organize and Decorate Everything

Halloween Silhouettes

Hi Everyone! It’s Leanne at Organize and Decorate Everything. I’m so happy to be here while Michelle takes time to enjoy her cute little man and the rest of the men in her family. I love decorating for the holidays and Halloween happens to be one of my favorite. While I love traditional colors I also like to break away from them from time to time. I love how these silhouettes represent Halloween but don’t scream Halloween in your face.

Halloween Silhouettes 4

The best part is that you don’t need a cutting machine or anything fancy to make them, just a computer and a printer. I’ve heard from my readers so many times that things were cute but they weren’t able to duplicate them because they didn’t have a machine. Well, I’ve got you covered with this project. Just google different silhouette images, size them, and print them out. Use your imagination to come up with your favorite group of images.

Halloween Silhouettes 3

I chose scrapbook paper in different colors but the same pattern as the background for the silhouettes. Then I went through my frame stash and chose the frames I wanted to use. Yard sale frames are a good choice for Halloween decor. They don’t even have to be the same color.

Halloween Silhouettes 5

Cut out the silhouettes. I found ones with not much detail (except for the tree the owl’s perched on) to make it easier.

Halloween Silhouettes 6

Cut the scrapbook paper to fit the frame then glue the silhouette on the paper. I used a regular glue stick. As you might notice I trimmed the tree a bit to fit perfectly on the paper.

Halloween Silhouettes 2

That’s it! Now you have 4 framed pieces for Halloween for very little cost. Thank you for letting me share a Halloween craft with you. I know it’s only August but I like to plan ahead and have all my projects finished. Here are a few more projects you might like.

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Printable School Notes with Kiki and Company

This week our little guy will be making his debut and I am excited to introduce a new series including some of my favorite bloggers! Through September I have recruited the best of the best to share a favorite fall idea so get geared up for some fun new fall themed crafts, recipes, printables, and more! Without further adeiu let’s start things off with Kiki and Company!


I am so excited to be here today at A Little Tipsy to kick off fall. I don’t know about you, but when I think of fall, I think of SCHOOL! I’m Kiki from Kiki and Company. With 5 little munchkins, I know how those back to school days can be filled with stress and anxiety to get everything ready, but also how exciting and exhilarating it is for our kids as well!

Today, I thought I’d make a fun little printable that you can use as lunchbox notes or for a note to the teacher. I love sending my kids off with little notes placed in random places (like a backpack or the book they are reading) to let them know I am thinking about them while they are away! I also know that I have days that I just want to write a quick thank you to my kid’s teachers and having these ready will make that a piece of cake!

To download these free School Notes, click on the link below:

School Notes

I hope your fall starts off great and that your kiddos have a great school year!


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Printable Thanksgiving Crossword For Kids

Post sponsored by Alpha-Bits as part of the Mom It Forward Blogger Network.
Family Traditions are so important and with Thanksgiving coming up it is nice to find ways to involve everyone, even those tiny hands. Sometimes they get bored waiting for dinner to be prepared or come in looking to sneak a snack for their patient little tummies. A Thanksgiving game that combines snacks, fun, and learning is just the ticket!
Download the Free Thanksgiving Crossword Puzzle Key Printable.
This Thanksgiving crossword will keep the kids at bay until you can get that bird that perfect golden. Just print it out and give them a cup full of Alpha-Bits cereal to see how many letters they can match up. It will keep them busy searching and they can eat the letters that aren’t on the page. The letter shaped cereal helps them learn their letters while they think they are just having fun! Plus, with 20g of whole grains and 12 essential vitamins and nutrients (per 30g serving) you can feel good that you aren’t filling them up with junk.

It also seems that the older kids like to have a game too, even though they might not like to admit it, so here’s a blank template to make it a little more challenging for the older kids.

You’ll find that some of the letters are easier to find in the Alpha-Bits than others so give the kids fair warning so they don’t get frustrated. You can give them a pen to fill in any missing letters they could not find in their cup.
Let them loose and watch their minds work their magic!
Other fun Alpha-Bits Thanksgiving games:
See how many Thanksgiving words you can spell with the letters in your cup of Alpha-Bits.
Play Thanksgiving Bingo using the cereal as space markers.
String Alpha-Bits to make edible necklaces.
Let the kids make up their own games. I am always amazed at the creative things they come up with!
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DIY Faux Wood Picture Frame

Hello again Friends! It’s Aly from Entirely Eventful Day. I hope you love Fall like I love Fall! Today I am sharing a project perfect for Fall, or anytime of the year. It’s a faux reclaimed wood picture frame. We all know how “in” reclaimed wood is right now. But I don’t have time to go out and reclaim wood, do you? Didn’t think so. That’s why I created this little beauty for you.
If you would like to fill your DIY wood picture frame with this cute I “leaf” Fall printable, come on over to my blog and download it!
Start with any ol’ picture frame. Mine was painted red from this Valentine project.
You will also need wood printed wrapping paper, Mod Podge (I used gloss), scissors, and a brush.
The first thing I did was apply some scrap pieces to the corner. I wanted a miter cut look and it was apparent that I wasn’t going to be able to get the perfect in the corner. So I cheated. It worked perfectly, couldn’t tell at all.
Then I lined up my paper, making sure I had the right amount to fold into the inside, and cut the angle.
Follow the directions on the Mod Podge bottle to apply the paper. You want to apply it both under and over the paper.
When it was time to do another corner, I simply made sure that the miter cuts overlapped and my red frame didn’t show.
I found this particular wood print paper at Hobby Lobby.
I hope this project starts your Fall off right. I can’t wait for apple cider and falling leaves!
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