Burlap Table Runner from Ameroonie Designs

Hi friends from A Little Tipsy!  I’m Amy and I blog over at Ameroonie Designs.  I’m so glad to be here today while Michelle welcomes her new little baby- what a wonderful (and challenging) time of life!

Today I’m here to share with you a tutorial for this simple burlap table runner.

To get started you will need a piece of burlap and some ribbon.  I purchased this printed burlap from Joann Fabric, but you can find it many places, even Walmart.  You will want to purchase just a bit more burlap than you think you need so you will have room to trim the edges and account for fraying.  I used a variety of ribbons, using different widths and types, but you can use whatever you want.  The only other things you will need are scissors and a sewing machine (optional).

When you lay out your burlap you will probably notice that it is fraying and uneven on the cut side.  In this picture you will note that the right side is the cut side.  We want to make sure our runner is even and we also want to reduce the fraying and loose threads that are so common with burlap.

To do this, you are going to decide how wide you want your piece of burlap.  (again, add just a bit extra because it will still fray just a bit in the next steps)  At the determined width, you are going to select one strand of fiber and begin to pull on it.  The burlap piece will begin to gather.  You will gently continue to pull this fiber, sliding the rest of the fabric down and loosening the gathers until you have removed the entire piece.  If the fiber breaks, just track down the end of it that is still in the fabric and use a pin or other pointy tool to weave it out of the fabric until you have a piece large enough to pull again.

When you are finished, you will have a channel in the fabric that looks like this.  You will take your scissors and cut along this line.  Repeat for any other sides of your runner that need to be squared up.

Now we are ready to add some color and interest to our runner with ribbon.  Decide where you want your first ribbon to be on the runner and lay it across the burlap fabric.  Pull a fiber on either side of your ribbon, this will create the beginning and ending marks for your channel.  Pull all the fibers between the beginning and ending marks.

Weave your ribbon through the fibers in the channel.  You can choose how many fibers remain on top of the ribbon and how many go underneath.  I adjust the numbers for each ribbon, but if you want a more uniform look, you can keep it the same for all of them.  Once you have all the ribbons in place on one side, start  on the second.  To determine where the first ribbon goes, you can either count how many fibers from the end the ribbon starts and count up on the second side, or you can fold over the runner as I did and get a close estimate and just go from there.  This runner is meant to be casual so I’m not too worried about precision, but if you are making a more formal runner, you may want to actually count or measure this part.  Add your remaining ribbons.

As you are adding  your ribbons, you may inadvertently pull a few fibers from the edge of your piece.  This is why we added a bit of extra width, so we would end up with the size runner we wanted.  In order to keep this from continuing to happen, I like to take my runner and sew a zig zag stitch all the way around the runner to hold the ribbons and fibers in place.  Then I trim the edges of the runner so they are even.  If you want a frayed edge to your runner, pull the fibers you want before you do this final step, as it locks the fibers and makes them much more difficult to fray.

In this runner, I left just a bit of the edges frayed and trimmed the rest off.  Now, you can sit back and enjoy your runner.

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I hope you’ll join me over on Ameroonie Designs for chats on motherhood, crafty ideas and lots of fun!


Wine Cork Pumpkin with That’s What {Che} Said

Hello everyone! I’m Cheryl! I live over at That’s What {Che} Said…

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I just had my third boy this past July so I am extra thrilled to be here while Michelle gets to spend some extra time with her new little man! Today I am sharing this really easy and fun wine cork pumpkin project!

Cork Pumpkin Project at thatswhatchesaid.com

Supplies Needed:

  • 34 Corks
  • Orange Paint
  • Green Scrapbooking Paper
  • Green Washi Tape
  • Thin Craft Wire
  • Raffia
  • Hot Glue Gun/Glue Sticks
  • Newspaper
  • Paper Plate
  • Scissors

Pumpkin 1

I started out by spreading out a sheet of newspaper, then I used a bit of orange paint and dabbed one end of the cork into to the paint. If it’s on too thick, simply daub the cork down a few times to remove the excess. Repeat this for all corks.

Pumpkin 2Pumpkin 3
Lay all the corks out on the newspaper to dry.

Pumpkin 4

While those are drying, I cut a few leaves from some scrapbooking paper/green cardstock.

Pumpkin 5

Once the corks are dry, start assembling with your hot glue. Start out with a row of 5 corks, next row is 6 corks, next row is 7 corks, then top with 6 cork layer, and then a 5 cork layer and finish with a 4 cork layer. Then I added another cork as the stem. You can also make a cute curly-Q with some washi tape and wire! You can find out how I made that stem here.

Pumpkin 6

Next I bent the paper leaves slightly to give them some dimension and glued them into place.

Pumpkin 7

Pumpkin 9

I thought it needed something else to finish it so I added a raffia bow by simply tying a string or two of raffia in a bow!

Pumpkin 8

Cork Pumpkin

There you have it! A super cute little pumpkin to adorn your mantel or table top! If you like this pumpkin project I welcome you to hop over and see how easy it is to make these cute Clay Pot Pumpkins!

Clay Pot Pumpkins at thatswhatchesaid.com

If you love pumpkin everything like I do then be sure to grab this Pumpkin Tiramisu Recipe

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or perhaps this all-time favorite Pumpkin Gooey Butter Cake Recipe or 3-Ingredient Pumpkin Dip. Both recipes scream fall!

Pumpkin Gooey Butter Cake 3 Ingredient Pumpkin Dip at thatswhatchesaid.com

My door is always open and I love to make new friends! Please stop by and say hello! I’d love to connect on social media as well! You can find me below!

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Ruffles and Burlap Fall Wreath with Flamingo Toes

Hello A Little Tipsy Readers! My name is Bev and I blog over at Flamingo Toes. I’m so excited to be here visiting today!


At Flamingo Toes I love sharing sewing and jewelry projects – as well as things I make for my home. We just moved across the country this summer from California to Tennessee so I am having a lot of fun setting up our sweet little farmhouse and exploring the area. I am so ready to experience our first real Fall – we don’t exactly get much of a season change in CA.

Today I’ve made up a Ruffles and Burlap Fall Wreath, inspired by the colors of Fall and all these pretty pots of mums I am seeing everywhere. I think I’m going to get some for our front porch!

Ruffles and Burlap Fall Wreath

Isn’t it fun? I paired up some fun fabric ruffles with this super cute lace covered burlap ribbon that I picked up at Walmart. The whole thing is so easy to put together, and since I’m kind of fickle with my decor, I’ve made it so it’s super easy to change up whenever you want!

Burlap Lace and Ruffles Wreath

Won’t it look pretty with some pots of mums around the door?

Fall Wreath DIY

So let’s get started. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Straw Wreath (mine is 14″)
  • Burlap Ribbon – I used 1 1/2 spools
  • Fabric for ruffles
  • Needle and Thread
  • Pearl head pins in different colors
  • Gingham ball trim, or something similar

Begin by wrapping the burlap ribbon around the wreath. I left the plastic wrapper on but you can take it off.

wrapping wreath with burlap ribbon

Continue until the entire wreath is wrapped. Pin the ends in place on the back, or you can hot glue it.

wreath wrapped with burlap ribbon

Measure around the wreath, then double that amount. Cut four pieces of fabric 5″ x that measurement – so about 5″ x 10″ or so. Fold the fabric pieces in half, then sew a running stitch along the top raw edge. Gather up the fabric ruffles so they fit around the bottom of the wreath.

fabric ruffles for wreath

Wrap the ruffles around the bottom section of the wreath as in the picture, leaving a space of about 2 inches between the middle two ruffles. Pin in place. Cut a piece of fabric about 3″ wide and long enough to wrap around the center of the wreath once. Fold the long sides in and wrap this around the middle of the wreath, covering up the raw edges of the two inside ruffles. Pin the piece in place on the back.

ruffles on burlap wreath

Add some decorative touches by placing pins in the burlap.

Pearl Pins in Wreath

Mix and match your colors and scatter them around the wreath.

lace burlap wreath

Add a couple of little strands of cute gingham pom pom trim, or something else that looks great with your fabric. Pin it in place in the back of the wreath.

gingham pom poms on wreath

I love that since the pieces to the wreath are all pinned in place, you can easily change it out if you want to update it or just make something else entirely. You can definitely glue everything down though if you want something more permanent.

gingham ball trim

That’s it! So easy right?!

Ruffles and Burlap Wreath

Easy Fall Wreath

I hope you give it a try!

I’d love for you to come visit Flamingo Toes sometime!  Here are some of my other favorite projects!

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Thanks for having me Michelle!

Arm Warmers from Brassy Apple

DIY arm warmers REfashion - BrassyApple.com

Fall Fashion is my favorite time of year! Over on Brassy Apple I love upcycling and RE-fashioning items for me and my kiddos to wear! Take the chill off of the winter season without over roasting your kids in a bulky sweater or too many layers. Or if you kids are like mine they are cold one minute and “So HOT” the next they are running to change into a tank top! Here’s the solution – pair a t-shirt up with some inexpensive arm warmers made from tube socks! So easy to slip them on and off quickly.
The basic shape and construction are SUPER easy to do and anybody can do it!
DIY arm warmers REfashion - BrassyApple.com

A pair of long socks (or tube socks) Pick out your favorite pattern/color, etc
Sewing Machine
measuring tape (optional)


scrapbooking brads
ribbons – all different widths
rep gathered ruffles
ric rac
pre-made appliques
faux fur
jingle bells
snaps (if you want to change out your embellishments)
etc., etc., etc.
Step 1: Pick out your favorite pair of socks. They can be Holiday, solid colored, patterned etc. Make sure to buy the Knee Length or Tube Sock style.
Step 2: Measure the length you want your arm warmers to be. You can measure out how long you want them to extend up your child’s arm by placing the sock on their arm and eyeing it out. You want the sock to reach to or just past their first knuckles. Or you can measure with a tape.
diy arm warmers - BrassyApple.com #refashion #fashion #kids
Step 3: Measure and cut off your socks to the desired length. Be sure to cut from the toe end. We want to keep the other finished end intact.
Step 4: Turn your socks inside out and find the “heel” spot. *(note: some socks are made without a built in heel. If yours do NOT have a rounded heel in them please proceed to step 7)* Pull the heel up as shown in the picture making sure the other sock fabric is separated. We will be sewing and cutting the heel out to create one long tube.
Step 5: Pin the heel area as close as you can to the “bottom” of it to create a straight “tube” when it is sewn together and cut off.
diy arm warmers

Step 6: Sew a straight line across the bottom of the heel to close this section and cut off the excess.

Step 7: Turn your socks right side out and lay them flat placing the “heel” seam on the underside. This will ensure that the seam isn’t on top of their arm when they wear the warmers. Cut a small slit for the thumb. **One slit on the right inside and one slit on the left inside.

Cut your slits on opposite side of each other so the heel seams remain on the underside.

diy armwarmers for kids - BrassyApple.com

The basic shape and function of the arm warmers is done. Now it’s time to EMBELLISH!!! (if you want to) You can add embellishments to any part of the arm warmers you’d like to – the top, the bottom, along the top or all over!!! Just have fun with it! This is a great project to do with your girls or a group of girls too! Here are photos of some I created to give you a jump start with your own ideas! If you create some – tag me on Instagram (@BrassyApple) so I see your creations!

diy embellished arm warmers or kids - brassyApple.com

Make them Different lengths too! Full length, 3/4 sleeve and even wrist cuffs!

DIY arm warmers for kids - BrassyApple.com

And these make great baby LEG warmers!

DIY baby leg warmers - BrassyApple.com

Your girls will be the trend setters and look adorable in their chic yet inexpensive new accessory!

DIY girls arm warmers from socks - BrassyApple.com

Check out my other RE-fashion tutorials plus lots of NO SEW options too on BrassyApple.com!

Refashion tutorials - BrassyApple.com