Mummy Halloween Treats

I love a fast and fun holiday treat for class parties or to hand out to friends. These Mummy Halloween Treats will put a smile on the recipients face and yours too as they are so easy to put together.

Mummy Halloween Treats

I love how the eyeballs looks like they  just woke up in a daze. All you need for these cute little mummies are three ingredients…

INGREDIENTS: (affiliate links below)

Ding Dong Mummy Ingredients

Just melt the candy wafers according to package directions and use a spoon to drizzle side to side over the Ding Dongs. Add two eyes while the white candy is still wet and then let dry.

Ding Dong Mummy Treats

They’re cute to pop in a bag to hand out to family, friend or classmates.

Ding Dong Mummy Treat

Or add a stick if that suits your fancy. I just covered a popsicle stick with washi tape slid it in the side and added a bow.

Mummy Halloween Treat

Either way, this spooky treat is all set to spread some Halloween cheer!

Serving Up Autumn with Tea Rose Home

Hello everyone! I am Sachiko from Tea Rose Home where I share sewing, refashioning and craft projects. I am so happy for Michelle and her family for their new bundle of joy. I met Michelle in person a few years ago, and I really loved her warm down to earth manner. She is the type of person that when you meet her once you will consider her your friend. I am excited to share my autumn craft tutorial with you today.
I usually don’t like over-the-top seasonal decorations (except Christmas), but it is fun to have some items here and there to get the feel of the season.
I found a unique plastic plate at Hobby Lobby the other day. It is covered with burlap and get this… it was only $2.99. I had a light bulb moment and knew exactly what I wanted to create with this.

{You will need}
A few fall stems
glue gun
{How to}
1. Separate the small branches off the stems. I chose the ones in the picture, but you can choose something completely different and create your own look. Right now, fall stems are on sale for 40% off at most of the craft stores.

2. Start gluing them onto the plate. It is so much easier to create a perfect circle with a plate. All you need to do is to glue the stems along the inner edges of the plate.

3. Keep going until you connect the ends. Make sure that there is no glue showing. Add some branches to those spots to make it pretty.

The great thing about this Wreath on a Plate is, you can decorate in two ways.
I used a plate stand to prep the plate. Now, I can enjoy the small ‘Wreath’ on my buffet chest.

or, I can lay it flat and put candles and such to decorate the space.

I love versatility. :)
Thank you for having me here today, and I hope you enjoyed my post. Please come visit me and explore other sewing/craft posts such as these:
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Burlap and Leather Thanks Banner from BD Design

Hello Tipsy friends. I am Brandy and I’m the author over at BD Design, a blog providing ideas and inspiration for home decor, simple DIY crafts, and home improvement projects mixed with a little bit of real life! Today I’m sharing a quick tutorial for a burlap banner that is perfect for Thanksgiving.

 Right now I am loving LEATHER! I thought I would dress up the usual burlap banner by adding some texture with these fantastic leather pieces.
I found this gorgeous metallic bronze leather at Hobby Lobby and cut out the shape a little smaller than my banner pendant. Isn’t it SO pretty?

I wanted more texture on top of the leather so I sent a cereal box through my Silhouette and cut out the letters T-H-A-N-K-S. Cereal boxes make the best chip board! Instead of throwing them away, cut the boxes up and use them for future projects! If you don’t have a Silhouette than you can just buy chip board at your local craft store. Then I painted the letters GOLD.

I attached the pendants together with rich colored ribbons and lace. You can embellish as much as you want. I knew I would be hanging this banner on my hutch that already has a lot going on so I wanted to keep it clean and simple.
There you have it!

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Michelle, THANK YOU so much for having me today! Happy Fall everyone! xoxo.

Burlap Table Runner from Ameroonie Designs

Hi friends from A Little Tipsy!  I’m Amy and I blog over at Ameroonie Designs.  I’m so glad to be here today while Michelle welcomes her new little baby- what a wonderful (and challenging) time of life!

Today I’m here to share with you a tutorial for this simple burlap table runner.

To get started you will need a piece of burlap and some ribbon.  I purchased this printed burlap from Joann Fabric, but you can find it many places, even Walmart.  You will want to purchase just a bit more burlap than you think you need so you will have room to trim the edges and account for fraying.  I used a variety of ribbons, using different widths and types, but you can use whatever you want.  The only other things you will need are scissors and a sewing machine (optional).

When you lay out your burlap you will probably notice that it is fraying and uneven on the cut side.  In this picture you will note that the right side is the cut side.  We want to make sure our runner is even and we also want to reduce the fraying and loose threads that are so common with burlap.

To do this, you are going to decide how wide you want your piece of burlap.  (again, add just a bit extra because it will still fray just a bit in the next steps)  At the determined width, you are going to select one strand of fiber and begin to pull on it.  The burlap piece will begin to gather.  You will gently continue to pull this fiber, sliding the rest of the fabric down and loosening the gathers until you have removed the entire piece.  If the fiber breaks, just track down the end of it that is still in the fabric and use a pin or other pointy tool to weave it out of the fabric until you have a piece large enough to pull again.

When you are finished, you will have a channel in the fabric that looks like this.  You will take your scissors and cut along this line.  Repeat for any other sides of your runner that need to be squared up.

Now we are ready to add some color and interest to our runner with ribbon.  Decide where you want your first ribbon to be on the runner and lay it across the burlap fabric.  Pull a fiber on either side of your ribbon, this will create the beginning and ending marks for your channel.  Pull all the fibers between the beginning and ending marks.

Weave your ribbon through the fibers in the channel.  You can choose how many fibers remain on top of the ribbon and how many go underneath.  I adjust the numbers for each ribbon, but if you want a more uniform look, you can keep it the same for all of them.  Once you have all the ribbons in place on one side, start  on the second.  To determine where the first ribbon goes, you can either count how many fibers from the end the ribbon starts and count up on the second side, or you can fold over the runner as I did and get a close estimate and just go from there.  This runner is meant to be casual so I’m not too worried about precision, but if you are making a more formal runner, you may want to actually count or measure this part.  Add your remaining ribbons.

As you are adding  your ribbons, you may inadvertently pull a few fibers from the edge of your piece.  This is why we added a bit of extra width, so we would end up with the size runner we wanted.  In order to keep this from continuing to happen, I like to take my runner and sew a zig zag stitch all the way around the runner to hold the ribbons and fibers in place.  Then I trim the edges of the runner so they are even.  If you want a frayed edge to your runner, pull the fibers you want before you do this final step, as it locks the fibers and makes them much more difficult to fray.

In this runner, I left just a bit of the edges frayed and trimmed the rest off.  Now, you can sit back and enjoy your runner.

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I hope you’ll join me over on Ameroonie Designs for chats on motherhood, crafty ideas and lots of fun!