Mickey Mouse Party Featuring Disney Imagicademy

We are excited to be able to collaborate with Disney to introduce the new Disney Imagicademy app! We love to party, so we invited over some of our mom and kid friends for a Mickey Mouse Party and the fun began! What’s a party without some fun food?! Mickey Mouse Party Food We filled up our bellies with Mickey pizza (two small pizza ears and a larger pizza head) and Mickey Mousse (or chocolate pudding topped with whipped cream and a chocolate Mickey Mouse). When it comes to kid parties I’ve found it is all about being cute while staying low maintenance. You know how Donald is always a little jealous of Mickey, so we let him have a feature spot right on top. Plus, Donald and I share a birthday so he deserves a prime spot at our house. Mickey Mouse Party Food Dessert Once we were done eating we had a couple of fun Mickey themed counting games lined up. First, we played find the hidden Mickeys and had Mickey heads hidden all over the house. Once they had found them all, we counted up each child’s pile to see who found the most. The top two got prizes of white chocolate Mickey Mouse pretzels we conveniently picked up at Disneyland on our trip just prior to our party. Our second game was Mickey’s number walk, similar to a cake walk. We placed Mickey heads with numbers in a circle on the ground. We played Disney songs and the kids walked around the circle until the music stopped and would then stand next to a number. Then, we would draw a number out of the magical Mickey cup  and if someone was on that number they would get a prize package of fun Disney Imagicademy items: markers, crayons, puzzles, and a sketch pad. The kids love this game because they each get a prize. I love making a game of handing out the goody bags at parties. We had a table where we labeled the goodies each childs name so they would not get mixed up and they could take them home at the end. Mickey Mouse Party Games and Favors Then it was time to unveil Mickey’s Magical Math World part of the Imagicademy app. I had secretly let my two little boys and some of the first arriving friends try it out first just before the party because well, they couldn’t wait and neither could I. We had to put the timer on to let them each take turns being “the driver.” Disney Imagicademy Our cute friends seemed to know just what to do and jumped right in clicking here and there to explore all the games. We used our Apple TV to put it on the projector so everyone could see. One little guy played it all through dinner because he could not pass up the chance of having it all to himself. Then, he wondered where all the kids went when he came up to eat and they all ran to play. Disney's Imagicademy I loved seeing our smallest friend’s face light up as he would jump up and down and scream out the name of each new character that would appear on the big screen. There are five different character experiences: Mickey’s Super Rocket Shapes, Minnie’s Robot Count-Along, Donald’s Number Launcher, Daisy’s Bedtime Countdown, and Goofy’s Silly Sorting. The favorites were definitely the Mickey and Minnie games. They both had a good variety of activities in their games. They loved building and taking care of rockets in Mickey’s game and taking the robots all around the playground in Minnie’s. There’s also a Disney Imagicademy Parents app available as a partner to the child’ version. It allows you to access your kids creations, encourage their progress and ever share with family and friends. We can’t wait for Mickey’s Magical Arts to come out February 12th! My 7 year old loves art and anything creative! Disney Imagicademy app Taking turns works up an appetite so we were sure to have some treats to round out the evening. They snacked on cheddar Mickeys (again picked up on our Disneyland trip) and Mickey Oreos (made with Oreos, red and brown candy melts, and white candy balls). Mickey Mouse Oreos Dessert All in all it was a great night! Thanks to Disney for letting us host!

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From Spooky to Sports

I am a budget loving kind of gal. When I make a large purchase I want it to be something that is going to be able to be styled multiple ways so when I change my mood or when the trend winds shift I can easily alter small things to make big impact without having to make big purchases.

A few months ago, my boys moved in to the same room and needed more clothing storage. We received this Sauder chest of drawers and I dressed it up to match their paleontologist room.

Well, my six year old decided he is too big for a dinosaur room now and wanted a sports room. We have been racking up the little league trophies so I thought it would be the perfect way to meet his request and have a place to store them all. This transformations cost me nothing. Just grabbed gear and awards we had on hand.

It turned in to a nice display of all his hard work and achievements and my three year old is so proud of his soccer trophy right in the middle.

We even put together a fun way to display his karate belts and the first board he ever broke signed by his Hanshi Darren Cox, now 13 time World Champion.

You’d think they would be over the moon at this point, but they LOVE Halloween and just a few days later decided the needed some spooky fun in their room. Lucky for me it is super easy to swap out their dresser decor, so out when the baseball and in came the Halloween Decor.

With them being six and three we did not want anything that would give them nightmares so we went with glittery bats, pumpkins, and spiders. We set up a countdown for fun and a little spider my son made from clay and frosting eyes. Again it cost me nothing as I just took from my existing decor stash.

I’m loving how easy it is to switch up the look of their room by having staple pieces and simply changing out the accessories.

For more versatile furniture ideas and inspiration, check out our Multi-functional Furniture Pinterest board!

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Family Movie Night with #IntelAIO

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I am all about creating traditions. I remember as a kid watching movies Sunday night and having popcorn and apple juice with my family. Sometimes my brother would even make treats one of his specialties being fried cheerios. We now carry this on having family movie night with my little family. The boys love it and look forward to it all week! We watch a different movie each week and I make or buy a special treat for us to enjoy that night.

Family Movie Night with #IntelAIO

With the weather cooling down we took advantage of a warm evening and had a special movie night with the kids outside. They thought it was the coolest. We set up blankets and pillows and snuggled up in the backyard with our popcorn and treats. Our Intel AIO made it so simple to set up! We simply took it outside (we have a strong wireless signal) and opened up Amazon to stream a movie. The screen was just the right size. Big enough for everyone to see, but small enough to be easily portable and take no time to set up.

We have gone through quite a few movies since we started family movie night. We have built up quite a list of movies for families with small kids. Here are a few of our favorites that aren’t the obvious choice of the latest cartoon:

25 Movies for Families with Little Kids

  • The Sandlot
  • Anastasia
  • A Little Princess
  • Savannah Smiles
  • Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (the original)
  • Pippi Longstocking
  • Pete’s Dragon
  • An American Tale
  • Bedknobs and Broomsticks
  • E.T.
  • Never Ending Story
  • The Wizard of Oz
  • Mary Poppins
  • Where the Red Fern Grows
  • The Parent Trap
  • Freaky Friday
  • Honey, I Shrunk the Kids
  • Flight of the Navigator
  • Heavyweights
  • The Game Plan
  • Little Rascals
  • Cheaper By the Dozen
  • The Absent Minded Professor
  • Swiss Family Robinson
  • Tooth Fairy

What are some of your favorite family friendly movies?

We love family movie night and the fact that our Intel AIO let’s us easily move it outdoors!

Photo Birth Story with Intel AIO

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As many of you know, a few weeks ago we were blessed to welcome a new addition in to our household. It has been a whirlwind filled with lots love and a few tears, but we are so thankful to have this sweet little guy in our home.

I love the new trend of capturing birth stories through photographs. I really wanted to have a photo birth story of my own there’s just one problem, I have c-sections. They only allow one extra person in the room during my sweet little ones birth and that’s my husband. How is that fair? Because my body requires help for the birth of my little angels I don’t get to witness or document the miracle? I tried my best to get them to let me have two so my husband could watch and my sister could take pictures. I got permission from my doctor, but the anesthesiologist whom I will lovingly call “Drill Sergeant” put the kibosh on that. Boo. I handed my big girl camera to my husband and said a silent prayer that somehow I would end up with something besides blur. With this kind of thing you only get one chance.

Everything went smoothly with the surgery and I kept reminding my husband to take more and more pictures. I didn’t get to see the baby for more than a second or two in the first ten minutes so I really wanted some good shots of him brand new. They brought the baby over and “Drill Sergeant” snapped a couple shots of all of us (that and the fact that my spinal worked like a dream being his redeeming qualities). Once back in recovery my sis was able to capture moments of both my husband and I as we got to know our little guy.

A few days later and home from the hospital I picked up my camera to download the photos and see what we had to work with. I popped my sim card straight in to my new Intel AIO and could not believe my eyes. There were some really beautiful shots! I was so thrilled. I got right to work choosing favorites and editing them.

Intel AIO

The Intel AIO made it so simple to put our birth story together. I love that it is a portable touch screen desktop so I can work on it in whatever room I’m needed and choose whether or not to even set up the keyboard and mouse (which by the way just requires plugging a tiny piece in to a USB port, so easy). I set the AIO up right on the kitchen counter so I could be in the middle of the happenings with my family. Then, when I’m done I just fold up the stand and put it away.

The wide screen gives you the ability to view many photos at once even with the extra large icons. It is also perfect for photo editing giving you tons of room to work with so when your tools are up you can still view a large photo and don’t have to adjust the zoom. I got the photos all edited in an evening and the next day put them in to a slideshow. Simple as that and now I have such a neat visual documentation of our special day!

I love my new little guy, my visual birth story, and my Intel AIO!