Chocolate Bones Halloween Treat

We made caramel apples the other night and with the leftover ingredients made these fun chocolate bones. They are super easy and the perfect last minute spooky Halloween treat for a get together or class party.
Chocolate Bones Supplies:
  • White Candy Melts
  • Water
  • Silicone Bone Ice Cube Mold*

*ours was from Dollar Tree and had fingers and bones
1. Melt a caramel for each bone in the microwave with a few drops of water for 30 seconds at a time. Stir until smooth. Put the caramel in the refrigerator to harden for 15-20 minutes or until you can pick up a little and roll it in your hand without it sticking too much. You can spray your hands with cooking spray to prevent sticking.
2. While the caramel is in the fridge, melt about 1/8 cup of candy melts in the microwave according to package instructions. Using a spoon put a little dob of chocolate candy in the bottom of each bone. Tap the mold on the counter until it spreads edge to edge. Let the candy set up a few minutes so the caramel won’t sink to the bottom.
3. Roll about a teaspoon of the caramel into a cylinder shape and place in the middle of the bone not touching any sides. Repeat for each bone.
4. Melt more candy melts to spread on the top of the caramel covering it completely. Let the candy set up until it is hard. Pop the bones out of the mold and enjoy!
Our ice cube trays had fingers as well as bones. We made fingers the same way by mixing a few pink candy melts in with the white. The boys loved the gross/spooky Halloween treats!
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Vintage Inspired Poison Bottles

Happy Fall, ya’ll!  I’m back from House Vintage, with a free and easy decoration to celebrate my favorite holiday… Halloween.  This project only takes a few minutes and can be made by recycling things you already have.

Step 1:

Look around the house.  Chances are you have some empty bottles that could use some up-cycling.  Make sure the bottles are clean, and remove any existing labels.  I find a soak in warm water or an adhesive remover works well for this.  I like to look for interesting glass containers like these beakers when I am out thrifting.  They are great for this project, but also look pretty with flowers in them other times of the year.

Step 2:

The Graphics Fairy

There are many sites online where you can download Halloween labels for free.  The labels above are from The Graphics Fairy, but a quick Pinterest search will yield other options as well.  Download your labels and print them on adhesive backed paper.  If you don’t have adhesive backed paper, double-sided tape works too.  Cut each label out, and position onto your bottles.

Step 3: Fill and Display

I like to fill the bottles with water and food coloring to make them extra spooky.  Then set them among your Halloween decor for a great vintage inspired look, that won’t break the bank.
I am starting my search for bottle right now! These are so perfect for a little spooky Halloween decor! Thanks Ali!

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DIY Halloween Bunting for $1

Hey guys, Vanessa here from Our Thrifty Ideas. I’m super excited to be popping back over here today, sharing this fun and super simple project for Halloween.

  DIY Halloween Bunting for just a dollar
 About 2 1/2 weeks ago I asked my husband if it was too early to put my Halloween wreath on the front door. I barely got the words out of my mouth before he screamed “YES”. I was not allowed to let everyone know that I decorate extremely early for holidays. I was banned from taking down the Summer banner until at least October 1st. UGH, well, that didn’t stop me from putting Halloween stuff up on the INSIDE of the door! And how can he complain when I only spent $1 on the cute bunting!

  DIY Halloween Bunting for just a dollar

You can find the polka dot bunting at Walmart in their Halloween section for just $.97. I cut it in half to create two smaller buntings. For the center one, I used some scrap tulle that I had laying around from past projects, so that didn’t cost me anything. But if you didn’t have any, you could use fabric, ribbon, or even go purchase some for just a few dollars (make sure to use your craft store coupons!). I just did a double knot onto some black ribbon with about 6 inch strips of tulle.

  DIY Halloween Bunting for just a dollar   

I love that not only do you get an impact from our {now} Halloween decorated front door when you get here, but you also see this fun decor right before leaving as well.
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Spooky Halloween Banner from Halloween Porch Ideas
I love a good bargain and dressing up the door for a pop of holiday fun as you walk out the door is so fun! Thanks Vanessa!
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Halloween Spider Cupcakes #12monthsofmartha

Sponsored by Martha Stewart Crafts.

Halloween is on it’s way and that means parties, treats and well more treats. It is fun to have some Halloween themed goodies up your sleeve for class parties and other get togethers and these spider cupcakes are so perfect! They look impressive, but are so easy!
  • Favorite Cake Recipe
  • Martha Stewart Treat Wrappers
  • Favorite Frosting Dyed Purple
  • White Candy Melts
  • Ziploc Bag
  • Martha Stewart Spider Stickers

1. Prepare cupcakes, bake, and while letting them cool prepare the spider webs. 
2. Melt the candy melts 30 seconds at a time in the microwave. Put the candy melts in a ziploc bag and cut a tiny hole in the end. Draw some spider webs on a piece of paper and cover the sketches with wax paper. 
3. Trace the drawings with the chocolate and let them harden while you frost the cupcakes with purple.

4. Carefully remove the spider webs from the wax paper and place on top of the frosted cupcakes. Place a spider sticker on each spider web.

I love these Martha Stewart Treat Wrappers! They are lined with foil so the designs stay perfectly bright!

We had so much fun making these spider cupcakes and probably even more fun sharing them with our friends and neighbors!

This treat was created as part of the 12 months of Martha program.


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I also wanted to let you know about a movement sweeping the creation nation. It’s called Cre8time and it is all about reclaiming your time to do the things you love. Check out all the details and share your creations at

Disclaimer: Martha Stewart Crafts provided product for review.

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