Easter Subway Art and Mantle Decor

Do you ever feel like the true meaning of a holiday gets lost in the shuffle? Behind the Easter eggs, baskets, and chicks there is true meaning of rebirth and resurrection. I decided I wanted the main shelf/mantle area in my front room to focus on the true celebration of Easter and I love how it came together!

I gathered things I already had on hand:
But, I needed something a little more with a bit of color. I love the dark plum in the print and egg ribbon so I thought I would run with it. I love how deep purple is so elegant and royal, it seemed fitting for such a display. I grabbed some plum cardstock and my metallic Cricut pen because I thought it would be awesome to have some “hand-written” art. I found this Easter word collage and knew it would be perfect!

See the entire post.

Check out how easy it is. I literally put the pen in the housing, clicked a couple of buttons and my Cricut Explore did the rest.

I just popped it in a frame and my display was complete.

What do you think? Do you have a mantle/shelf you decorate for each season?

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