Mom of Boys: Comic Relief for Moms of the Male Variety {round 6}

I began writing down things I hear around the house because, well, they make me laugh. I hope you like them too because Mom of Boys is a series on the 3rd Sunday of each month. If you missed our first Mom of Boys posts be sure to go back!
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Let’s explain how this will work and who things were said by…

A = my skinny, karate obsessed, nearly 6 year old 

L = my spunky, snack loving, nearly 3 year old

J = my geeky chic husband

M = me aka mom of boys

This is in no way meant to be a parenting lesson. Just a little peek into our crazy and at times comical lives. 

Mom of boys…things you never thought you’d hear in your home, then you birthed a boy.
L: Aiden, I want to play mine cat. A: You want to play Minecraft? Ok, here.
A: Mom, if your name was pants and I wanted to say your name in Spanish I would have to say pantsalones.
M: What should we eat for dinner? A: Large explosives. M: And what’s that? A bowl of beans?
(Doing buttons on shirt) L: I want to do one. M: ok….you did it! Good job! L: Pooray!
M: Do you like my new shirt? A: Yes! It’s so cute and pretty! L: No. M: Why? L: I just don’t like it. M: That’s fair. L: No, it’s not. I just don’t like it and that’s not fair.
A: We are going to have a race of glory. L: That’s what I’m talking about. A: A race for glory and there can only be one winner.
A: We are going to write a list of things we want our girl to be like funny, pretty, have freckles and then put it on these seeds in a box and put it in the ground and mark an x over it and water it every day. And when the x is gone we will re-x it and keep watering it and then a girl will grow out of the ground. This is going to be so fun making a girl. (Can you tell he is dying for a little sister? He draws our family with a baby girl.)
A: It smells like mistletoe. L: No it smells like mountains and Santa. A: No, Santa smells like cookies and this doesn’t smell like cookies.
L: I am a wizard and my tongue is sticky. A: You must be a frog wizard.
M: I found the remote. L: No, I did. M: Liar, liar, pants on fire. L: I don’t want to go in there and burn my hands.
D: Why don’t you go sit down so you don’t get me sick. You can sit and snuggle with me for a minute, but then you need to go sit in your spot. A: But, Dad, I could never get you sick you have the Priesthood.
Reading Rainbow song coming from the tablet. M: Are you watching Reading Rainbow? L fast forwards it to the middle. M: Are you fast forwarding it? L: Yes. M: Why? L: I didn’t want it. M: Do you like that show? L: Yes.

Have your kids made you laugh lately? What comical things have you said or overheard your kids say? Share in the comments and we will choose our favorites to share in our Mom of Boys post on February 16th.
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    Love these shares. = ^ )
    Especially love being part of the blogernacle. My fav Pinterest sign this week was, “Pinterest. This is what happens when the Relief Society gets on the Internet…”

    Thanks for the smiles,

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    These are wonderful! I am a mom to 3 boys so the interesting conversations that take place are priceless…..

    Here are a few lately:
    R our 5 year old (after having a blood draw and literally screaming like he was being forced to eat hot lava)…”Hey guess what L (older brother), I’m off the list.”
    L: “What list?”
    R: “The secret list at the doctor’s office.”
    L: “What does that mean?”
    R: “I never have to have another shot or anything ever again…you see…I now have special powers..”
    L: “Whatever dude”

    Another recent conversation….
    R: “Mom, my nose is dripping oil”
    Me: “What do you mean it is dripping oil?”
    R: “You see, I’m Mater and when Mater gets sick he leaks oil and so I’m dripping oil from my nose”

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    Trenton is my oldest of 3 boys and definitely the thinker in the family…

    Trenton: Can I use your computer to go on

    Me: Why?

    Trenton: Because I want to look up our family history and see if I come from a long line of talented drummers, like Dad.

    Me: I guess. But you’d only be able to see Dad’s side because I’m adopted and don’t have any family history.

    Trenton: That’s too bad. I bet you come from a long line of Asian bloggers.

    Laughed for about 15 minutes straight!

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    After going to see my daughter’s high school musical Hello Dolly, we came out to the parking lot and I said, “I know your grandparents would have loved to have seen that.” My son pops off, “Yea, it was during their time period.”

    I laughed so hard, but never told my parents how old they were to my sons.

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    These are so cute! As the mom of three boys, I can attest to the fact that they do say the funniest thing. I love the Santa one.

    Thanks again for the chocolate giveaway! I am so excited.

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    I am a mom of 5 boys-19, 16 and 7 yr old triplets.
    Plus my 20 yr old nephew lives with us as well. So it’s never dull
    and there isn’t enough space.
    But the funniest and yet so gross
    (because boys can be gross).
    This is a situation I heard while folding laundry in my bedroom while
    two of the three were in the tub taking a bath:

    Logan: Hey Luke did you know I farted in the tub and it causes bubbles?
    Luke: Yes Logan everyone knows farts cause bubbles.
    Stop bothering me while I’m pooping.
    (as he was sitting in the same bathroom as Logan was taking a bath)
    Logan: Well did you know my butt hole vibrates when I fart?
    Luke: Seriously Logan I think your lying?
    Logan: No Luke hurry up pooping and I’ll prove it.
    Me: BOYS-knock it off and finish up in here.
    Luke: *whispering..Ok, Logan I’m done
    Logan: You have to get close so squat down and look.

    After a split second I realize what’s about to happen
    and I go running in there to see Logan bent over spreading
    his butt cheeks and Luke squatting
    down about 3 inches from his butt.
    Luke: I’m ready…let it rip!
    Logan: “passing gas”
    Luke: OH MY GOSH LOGAN- That was so awesome…
    your butthole did vibrate…
    can you do it again?

    A small glipse of my life in a house of 7 boys (including the hubby)

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