How to Splatter Paint Using a Toothbrush

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by the good people at Burg Pediatric Dentistry.

Summer is here and as parents that means donning our boredom buster tool belt. I am a firm believer that activities do not have to be expensive. With a little creativity you can have a blast with a few things already in your cupboard! I remember as a child of the eighties splatter painting. I saw spin art among other things from my childhood like neon and acid wash back in the stores, so why not bring on the splatter paint?
All you need is:
  • Washable Finger Paint
  • Toothbrushes (be sure to disinfect if using old ones!)
  • Butcher Paper

1. Cover your surface with butcher paper and cover the kids with aprons or smocks because things are going to get messy.
2. Dip the brush in the paint and holding the brush close to the paper comb over the bristles with your finger sending the paint flying. Older kids can hold the brush with their four fingers and use their thumb to comb the bristles, but for little ones it is easier to hold the brush in one hand and use the other hand to comb.

3. Have fun creating fireworks, starry skies, or anything else your kiddos can come up with.
This video will show you in a little more detail how to splatter paint with a toothbrush and also how to create planets with the suction cup end.

If your toothbrush has a suction cup end, you can create planets by dipping it in the paint and stamping with the suction cup.

This one reminds me of phases of the moon or a planet traveling through the solar system.

For toddlers, just hand them the toothbrush and let them paint with it like a regular brush. They love it!

Thanks to Burg Pediatric Dentistry for sponsoring this post to show us toothbrushes are not only tools for healthy teeth, but tools for fun!

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