DIY Rustic Silverware Caddy

I was lucky to meet Kelly at the SNAP conference where we were teamed up for the Lowe’s Challenge. She is awesome and I am excited to have her to share a fun project today so without further adeiu…

Hello sweet friends! I’m Kelly. I was tickled silly when Michelle asked if I’d like to be a guest over here. If you aren’t familiar with who I am, I’m the author of the creative lifestyle blog, Live Laugh Rowe, where I share crafts, recipes, life’s moments and more. I’d {love} for you to stop by sometime — and if you like to party, I host a weekly linky party where you can show off your mad talents!

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Today I’m sharing a fun and simple DIY Rustic Condiment Caddy with you. As the warmer weather strolls in, we’ll be spending a little more (for some, a lot more) time outdoors. So, for those barbecues and outdoor picnics, this caddy will come in super handy.

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First and foremost, let’s grab a few supplies. Three empty soup cans, white and cream acrylic paint, brushes, and large dowel for handle. Not pictured: twine, high temp glue gun and sand paper.

  DIY Conidment Caddy Supplies

In just a few easy steps, we’ll see this caddy come to life. Are you ready? Let’s do it! 1. Paint the soup cans in two coats of the cream colored acrylic paint. 2. Paint the soup can in one coat of the white acrylic paint.

  DIY Condiment Caddy painting cans

3. Lightly sand for a worn, rustic feel. 4. Glue twine around each of the soup cans. Set aside. 5. Drill hole the dowel on one side to string twine through for carrying (optional). 6. Glue each can to the dowel. Be sure to use a hot temp glue gun. Side Notes: The hot temp glue holds the cans to the dowel just fine; however, if you’re looking for something much more durable, consider using this tutorial using screws. Also, if you don’t want to purchase a dowel, I purchased a plunger at the dollar store and cut the handle from that. It worked perfectly!

DIY Rustic Condiment Caddy

There you have a perfectly functional and rustic condiment caddy! I adore it and think it will add a sweet touch to our indoor and outdoor barbecue needs. If you like the paint and sanding technique used in this project to create a vintage feel, you might also like my DIY Painted Mason Jars tutorial.

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Today I’m sharing a delicious dessert recipe for French Vanilla Dream Bars over at LLR. Be sure to stop by for some coffee and dessert {wink}. I’d {love} to have you!
Delicious French Vanilla Dream Bars with
Thanks so much for having me, Michelle! Happy Crafting, friends! xo
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