10 Creative Cash Graduation Gifts

With Graduation right around the corner I’ve had graduation gifts on the mind. I like to give cash so they can use it on whatever they need, but I like to fancy it up with a little more than a card. That led to this search and collection of creative cash graduation gifts. Who knew cash could be so cool?!

Dollar Diplomas from A Little Tipsy
Graduation Gift-Soda Bottle Filled with Cash or Treats- Labels and Gift Tags
Soda Bottle from Its Written on the Wall

In Case of Emergency from Create My Event

Money Badge from Just Something I Made
Graduation Gift in a Jar
Graduate Bottle from Fave Crafts
Chocolate box from Life as a Mom
Graduation Cap Box from Crafts Unleashed
Money Leis from Honeysuckle on the Vine
$2 Bill Pad from Instructables
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  1. says

    Michelle, these are such GREAT ideas!! Thank you for collaborating them into one post.

    I NEEDED a few ideas for a few different people.

    Thanks again!

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