Gifts for Mom: Easy Photo Magnets #12MonthsofMartha

Disclosure: Martha Stewart provided product for this post. All ideas and opinions are my own.

I find gifts for mom to be somewhat of a challenge. My mom is not the “crafty” type but I still like to give her something that is personal. My parents are leaving on a mission for the LDS church right before Mother’s Day so I wanted something I could ship easily and would not take up a lot of space. My kids adore their Grandma so I thought it would be great to make something with their cute little faces for her to take along, but would also be useful. I thought handmade photo magnets would be the perfect gift.
Not only are they super cute, but they were unbelievably easy to put together. You can get the jest in the photo below.

Gifts for mom have never been so easy! Now if you are the type who likes a bit more detail I’ll include the full tutorial below.

  • Martha Stewart Crafts Layering Punch {Flourish Frame}
  • Martha Stewart Crafts Craft Glue
  • Martha Stewart Crafts 12×12 Essentials Paper Pad {Brights}
  • Cricut Magnet Material (I am a Cricut affiliate)
  • Clear Contact Paper
  • Picasa (or other collage software)
  • Printer
  • Tin, Ribbon, Sticker and Gift Card Optional
1. Find some pictures of the kids and put them in a collage using Picasa or another software making each picture a little over an inch. Print the collage.
2. Using the Martha Stewart Flourish Frame Punch on the setting shown below, punch the pictures. You can slide the pictures in upside down and look through the bottom to make sure they punch in the right place.

3. Punch a piece of magnet material for each picture. I couldn’t believe how easily it punched through this thick medium!

4. Peel the white layer off the magnet to expose the adhesive and carefully place the picture on it. Switch the setting on the punch and cut a little frame out of the paper.

5. Use the Martha Stewart Craft Glue to adhere the frame to the picture. This glue is great for this because it is a little thicker so it doesn’t wrinkle paper and it has a really thin nozzle that is the perfect size for the tiny frame.
6. Punch out a little piece of clear contact paper to finish off the magnet and protect your mini photo and frame.
7. Wrap them up however you like to make the perfect little gift for mom or grandma! I put them inside a little tin with a gift card and tied it up with a bow.

Michaels has a great coupon for US and Canada right now for 40% off a Martha Stewart Crafts Item if you need anything!

Any One Regular Price Martha Stewart Crafts™ Item. Excludes Martha Stewart Crafts™ Jewelry

Do you find it hard to decide on gifts for mom? What is one of your favorite things you have given or received as Mother’s Day gifts?

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    I was just wondering, can I use just regular magnet to make this, I don’t have a cricut. I think this is a wonderful idea. Thanks for your ideas and help. I love your projects.

  2. says

    @sherry You can definitely make this without a Cricut. In fact I did not use my machine at all, I just used the Cricut magnet material because I wanted them to be flat. You could use punch those flat advertisement magnets that come with the phone books or just punch paper and glue them to regular magnets. It’s just a matter of preference.


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