White Picket Fence

Hey everyone. I’m Vanessa hopping over today from Our Thrifty Ideas. I’m so happy to be a contributor here at A Little Tipsy and be able to share some of my crazy life with you from time to time. Today I’m sharing a fun tutorial to get you in the spring and summer mood!

Mini Picket Fence

I love to make décor to feature at my home for the seasons and holidays. Recently I made this fun homemade picket fence to use as a background for my table décor. Our kitchen table is pushed up against the wall, and I try to use just a small section of it to brighten up the area for the coming season.


I used some pine stakes from Home Depot (just $4 for 12 stakes!) to get the fence effect. You can find them by the cement. I then used my staple gun to connect them. One at the top (just below the point) and one at the bottom.

Then I primed them and put a white wash on top of that. Once both were dry, I sanded them down a bit for a more rustic look.


Once the “fence” was done, I dressed it up with a small fabric bunting. Using fabric shears, I cut out triangles and hot glued them to some bright bakers twine.


Then I strung it (aka, used packaging tape to tape it to the back. Yup, real technical!) Oh, and I didn’t even take the time to paint the back. Lazy I guess!

Lazy or not, it turned out amazing and I’m loving it. You can use it as a center piece like I did (paint the back and stand it up in the middle if you’d like), use it to add height to already existing decorations you have, or even clip a picture to the bunting and use it like a frame.

PicMonkey Collage

However you choose to use it, you can switch out the bunting for the holidays, and use it all year round.

Do you have a home décor staple that stays up all year with just a little tweaking? I’d love to hear what it is.

Isn’t this the American dream, the white picket fence? I totally want one! This is so fun for spring and would be great with red and blue for summer! This is totally on my to do list. Thanks Vanessa!
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