I’m on Fire!

Let’s talk tablets. I love having a portable information giant that can fit
in my handbag. For Valentine’s Day we decided to get a tablet and we began shopping around.

Want to know the highlights of what I found when comparing the Ipad and the Kindle Fire HD?

Ipad has a better front/back camera, bigger screen, more apps, and is trendy.

Kindle Fire is thinner, comes with “Free Time” where you can set daily time limits and add favorite for your kids to enjoy safely, Amazon Prime members (which I am) can borrow over 180,000 books and multiple movies and tv series at no cost, and it costs over $200 less.

This was a no brainer for me. Bring on the Fire!

Guess what else? When I was shopping around, and here comes the shocker, the Kindle Fire HD 8.9 inch was $30 cheaper at Staples. I know right?! Who knew they even sold them at Staples?!

I ordered it and have been loving it ever since! I love watching free tv (Parenthood and Downton Abbey being my most recent) in bed or when the flat screen is otherwise occupied. The kids love all the new game options. And the hubs is pleased to be able to see and edit the kindle version of his soon to be completed novel. Win, win, win.

Just call me a pyromaniac, cause I love my Fire.

Disclosure: Staples provided the product for review, but the opinions and info are all my own.

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    Great review! My husband and I both have iPads through work, but I’ve told him over and over that if we had to buy our own tablet, I’d definitely go with the Kindle Fire! (I have a Kindle Paperwhite as well … it’s much easier to hold with one hand while I read in bed than the iPad is.)

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