I’m on Fire!

Let’s talk tablets. I love having a portable information giant that can fit
in my handbag. For Valentine’s Day we decided to get a tablet and we began shopping around.

Want to know the highlights of what I found when comparing the Ipad and the Kindle Fire HD?

Ipad has a better front/back camera, bigger screen, more apps, and is trendy.

Kindle Fire is thinner, comes with “Free Time” where you can set daily time limits and add favorite for your kids to enjoy safely, Amazon Prime members (which I am) can borrow over 180,000 books and multiple movies and tv series at no cost, and it costs over $200 less.

This was a no brainer for me. Bring on the Fire!

Guess what else? When I was shopping around, and here comes the shocker, the Kindle Fire HD 8.9 inch was $30 cheaper at Staples. I know right?! Who knew they even sold them at Staples?!

I ordered it and have been loving it ever since! I love watching free tv (Parenthood and Downton Abbey being my most recent) in bed or when the flat screen is otherwise occupied. The kids love all the new game options. And the hubs is pleased to be able to see and edit the kindle version of his soon to be completed novel. Win, win, win.

Just call me a pyromaniac, cause I love my Fire.

Disclosure: Staples provided the product for review, but the opinions and info are all my own.

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Spring Fling GIVEAWAY!

Welcome to the Spring Fling Giveaway! I have teamed up with 10 other fabulous bloggers and we are each giving away a basket filled with our favorites.

My favorites are based on my love for making lists, traveling, Target, and fun office supplies.

The basket contains:
  • Weekly Calendar Notepad
  • Travel Packing Notepad
  • Arrow Notepad
  • Pens
  • Dry Shampoo
  • Polka Dot Cosmetic Case
  • Mint Polka Dot Wallet
  • Chevron Socks
  • Green Apple Chapstick
  • Post-its
  • Sunglasses
  • Geometric patterned box
  • $20 Target Card

Enter to win my basket through the Rafflecopter form below and make sure you swing by these cute ladies to see their fun baskets:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Stenciled Glass Vase #12MonthsofMartha

  • Glass Vase
  • Martha Stewart Satin Paint in Pool
  • Martha Stewart Crafts Laser Cut Stencils
  • Martha Stewart Spray Adhesive
  • Martha Stewart Pearl Paint in Aquarium
  • Foam Brush
  • Martha Stewart Sprayable Gloss Enamel Finish


1. Pour the satin acrylic paint inside the vase around the sides and swirl, rotate, and tap to coat evenly. Let it dry overnight.

2. Spray the back of your stencil with spray adhesive so it will stick to your vase and help make the stencil lines crisper. Using your foam brush dob the pearl paint over the stencil. It may create little bubbles, but they will go away.

3. Let the paint dry completely, then spray a thin even coat of the gloss enamel to protect it.

4. Place a smaller vase or cup inside the painted vase to protect the paint from water. (I used one of those kid’s cups they give you at restaurants.) Fill your stenciled glass vase with bright spring blooms and enjoy a little of the outside in!

There’s an AMAZING discount at Michaels right now! 30% OFF Entire Purchase of Martha Stewart Crafts Craft Paint Tools & Accessories good through April 13th 2013! View and print the coupon here: US URL and CAN URL

Disclosure: Martha Stewart provided product to complete this post. The idea and opinions are my own.

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White Picket Fence

Hey everyone. I’m Vanessa hopping over today from Our Thrifty Ideas. I’m so happy to be a contributor here at A Little Tipsy and be able to share some of my crazy life with you from time to time. Today I’m sharing a fun tutorial to get you in the spring and summer mood!

Mini Picket Fence

I love to make décor to feature at my home for the seasons and holidays. Recently I made this fun homemade picket fence to use as a background for my table décor. Our kitchen table is pushed up against the wall, and I try to use just a small section of it to brighten up the area for the coming season.


I used some pine stakes from Home Depot (just $4 for 12 stakes!) to get the fence effect. You can find them by the cement. I then used my staple gun to connect them. One at the top (just below the point) and one at the bottom.

Then I primed them and put a white wash on top of that. Once both were dry, I sanded them down a bit for a more rustic look.


Once the “fence” was done, I dressed it up with a small fabric bunting. Using fabric shears, I cut out triangles and hot glued them to some bright bakers twine.


Then I strung it (aka, used packaging tape to tape it to the back. Yup, real technical!) Oh, and I didn’t even take the time to paint the back. Lazy I guess!

Lazy or not, it turned out amazing and I’m loving it. You can use it as a center piece like I did (paint the back and stand it up in the middle if you’d like), use it to add height to already existing decorations you have, or even clip a picture to the bunting and use it like a frame.

PicMonkey Collage

However you choose to use it, you can switch out the bunting for the holidays, and use it all year round.

Do you have a home décor staple that stays up all year with just a little tweaking? I’d love to hear what it is.

Isn’t this the American dream, the white picket fence? I totally want one! This is so fun for spring and would be great with red and blue for summer! This is totally on my to do list. Thanks Vanessa!
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