Lightning McQueen Shirt

Here’s an easy boy version of a Disney themed (without being overly themey) shirt. Lightning McQueen is cool especially to be donning at Cars Land, but that doesn’t mean you have to go cartoony with your kiddos wardrobe.
I got the original idea for the car track t-shirt here, but they used a large toy truck which in our house did not have tread on their tires. Pull out the good ol’ ab wheel. It was feeling neglected anyway. Also, they used fabric paint which I’ve found fades quickly and feels rough so I chose to use fabric ink.
  • Shirt 
  • Cardboard
  • Black Fabric Ink 
  • Ab Wheel 
  • Craft Cutting Machine 
  • Stencil Vinyl or Contact Paper 
  • Foam Brush
1. Wash shirt to remove any shrinkage. Place cardboard in shirt so the ink won’t seep through to the other side.
2. Spread the wheels on the ab wheel to the width you would like your tire tracks. Brush them all around with fabric ink. Practice on some cardboard or paper. Roll on your shirt to make the tracks. Let it dry.
3. In your craft cutter software, find a lightning bolt image and add the number 95 on top of it to look like Lightning McQueen. 
4. Cut the image in to stencil vinyl or contact paper to use as a stencil. Be sure to leave 1-2 inches around the entire image when cutting it out so it gives you some wiggle room while inking. Weed the vinyl taking out the pieces where you want the ink to go. (I tried weeding a couple of ways to see how I would like it.)
5. Transfer the image to the arm of your shirt using transfer tape. Remove the tape and make sure all edges of the stencil are secure.
6. Using a foam brush dab the stencil with fabric ink. Let it dry, then remove the stencil.
7. Follow directions on your ink to heat set the ink. Most likely you will be ironing.
I love how the ink is so versatile. It gives the tracks an authentic grungy look, but then with a stencil it looks screen printed. So cool!
I love how the Lightning McQueen shirt turned out! Want to know the really sad part? We lost them before the kids even got to wear them! They were in the bottom of the stroller to wear when it got cold, but got lost somewhere between Disneyland and the hotel. Sad right? My little guy would have looked so cute in this outfit.

Guess I’ll have to make more.
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