How We Met & a Windows Phone for You and Your Valentine

So there is a fun little app on facebook that takes all your exchanges with your loved one and builds  the story of how you met. I gave it a whirl and here’s a snippet of what it came up with…

It’s a total crack up to see how it tells your story. I love how it says they saw each other now and then and shows pictures of us with our kids. Ha ha. You can see more of mine here. Go ahead and try out the “How we met” app for yourself.
Oooh, and you know what else?! 
Windows phone wants to give you the chance to try them out for yourselves and are giving away 
TWO Windows phones to one lucky winner! 
One for you and one for your loved one!

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    I met my husband online…”got” him to ask me out, he came to the house with a cake and flowers, and I was so happy looking at his face, I didn’t even notice tattoos on his arms…which explained the look on his face when I said, “You have tattoos?” lol… Never looked back. Sunday will be our 8th anniversary.

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    My husband and I met through mutual friends! It was a couple of years before we started dating because I was in a relationship but I knew he liked me so a few months after that relationship ended, we went out to dinner and have been inseparable ever since =)

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    this giveaway is amazing! i’m single but i guess i could use my bestfrind? we met in nusery while she cried with her mum and i went up an just said friends and we hit it off.

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    I’m still waiting on the app to load for me, but can’t wait to see what it says. Seems like a fun thing and I like the look of the Windows phone. Would love to give it a try!

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    My wife and I were a low-tech meet. I was with some friends one night and they took me to their friends apartment (my now wife).

    I knew from the moment I laid eyes on her that she would be my wife (yes it does happen!).

    I called her the next day, went over that evening, and have NEVER left, no really we’ve been together under the same roof since that same day and I couldn’t be happier.

    While there was no real tech involved it was everlasting. I’d love to stay in touch with her and each of having Windows Phones could really help to keep us closer together than ever!

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    I don’t have a phone that I can use the app with but I would love to get one of these…my phone is so old.

    I met my husband in a young adult Catholic study group. We didn’t talk for a while but then one day on the way to a group outting at the baseball game we introduced ourselves and that was the beginning. We dated 6 months later, were engaged 1 year later and married 6 months after that. 😉

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    Oh I could use this so badly. I’m currently rocking an EnV and let’s just say I should’ve left it back in 2007.

    My how we met story is simple. My best friend from college introduced us at a house party. I was speechless, which is unusual for a chatterbox like me. I knew i had to get his number. By the end of the night i had the digits and he texted me to make sure i was home safe. Then we continued to text and here we are 3 years later, still in love <3

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