DIY Monsters Inc. Shirt

Anyone else excited for Monsters University to come out in June?! We are HUGE Monsters Inc. fans and we can’t wait for the sequel. We’ve got a fun way to count down the days. How about making a Monsters Inc. shirt? It is so, so easy!
  • t-shirt
  • white heat transfer
  • silhouette (or some patience to trace and cut on your own with an xacto)

Just find an image of the Monsters Inc. logo online and follow this tutorial to trace and cut the heat transfer. My little dude showed his off at California Adventureland. I’d say he fit in quite nicely.
We went on the Monsters Inc. ride like three times in a row, but why not? We were dressed for the occasion. I only wish we had run in to Mike or Sulley during our trip.
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