Ways to Display your 2013 Word of the Year

Here is my clip from Studio 5 if anyone missed it. I had a lot of fun sharing nine different ways including DIY projects to display your 2013 word of the year including personalized: throw pillows, candle, mug, necklace, etc. There will be more to come soon including details and how-to’s for the projects shown in the segment.

Did you choose a word for this year? I would love to hear about it and if you have made anything to go along!

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    My word for 2013 is deliberate. I have been easily distracted lately, so I am focusing on being deliberate with my time, my family, our food, my to-do lists, and every aspect of our life. So far its working! We have dinner, the twins are getting read to more often, the house has been clean, and I have actually been spending naptimes on my passions. Being deliberate has actually gave me more free time.
    I think I may have to post my word somewhere. (Mainly because I want to do another craft project.) :)

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    My word for 2013 is change! I’m not only striving for change in the areas of my life I struggle with (studying, eating healthy, managing money), but changing how I interact with the world (volunteering, donating, etc) AND praying that God changes me spiritually! I know 2013 is going to be a big year!

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    My 2013 word is Breathe. With every thing going on right now- sometimes, I literally have to remind myself to stop and take some good deep breaths. Also to relax and breath a little easier, and to exercise so i can continue to breath longer!

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    I saw your studio 5 segment and I love love the idea of word for the year. I knew right away my word is “simplify” with family and trying to get my own business off the ground this year is going to be so busy. So simplify is the perfect word for me.
    I loved the necklaces you made and am planning on doing it for all my family.

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