DIY Headboard

I am super excited to finally share with you the how-to on my DIY headboard. Being my first upholstery project I was unsure how it would turn out, but I am in love!! I am so proud that I built it and find it romantic that My husband and I finished it together. It is a constant reminder that we work well together!

  • White canvas aka duck cloth (2 1/3 yard x 56”)
  • Iron
  • Trellis allover stencil
  • Repositionable Spray Adhesive
  • Yudu fabric ink in silver and gunmetal bronze
  • Foam roller
  • Fabric scrap (to iron and heat set ink)
  • Wrapping paper roll (optional for fabric storage purposes)
  • 1/2” MDF (cut to size)
  • Pencil and paper for making a pattern
  • Jigsaw
  • Two King Sized Foam Egg Crates
  • Air compressor with air stapler
  • Scissors
1. Iron your upholstery fabric so it will lie flat to stencil.
2. Spray the back of your stencil with re-positionable adhesive and place it at the corner of your fabric making sure the stencil is straight. Using the small foam roller go over the stencil with the Yudu fabric ink. (I used about 6 Tbs of silver to 1 Tbs of Gunmetal. I just wanted it a little darker.) 
3. Keep aligning your stencil and painting the fabric with the foam roller until your kitchen looks like this. 😉 Fabric draped over your bar, stools, and table. I couldn’t believe how crisp the lines came out with the stencil. The adhesive made it so easy! As you can see I did quite a it more fabric than listed above because I was covering another project as well.
4. Once the fabric is dry, you can roll it up on to a wrapping paper roll to store without wrinkling if you are like me and do this project over two Saturdays.

5. Be sure to heat set the ink with your iron so it wears better. Lay a thin fabric scrap over the ink and iron.

6. Now comes the fun part! Pull out the wood and the power tools and get to building! My friends at Lowe’s had complete confidence in me and helped me pick out the perfect jigsaw. Not gonna lie, I was a little nervous using it for the first time (see my little practice cut on the corner), but I was surprised how easy it was. Seriously, I am a girly girl, if I can do it you can too!
From here, I will actually refer you to the awesome Beckie from Infarrantly Creative because I used her upholstered headboard tutorial and it rocks!
The only thing I did differently from here is I chose to do a little less point in my curve. Otherwise, I followed it exactly until the installation part.

I was totally lucky and there was  place on my bed frame that the headboard slid in to perfectly and was then held in place by the mattresses. The only problem was the chair rail. I solved that by buying some furniture sliding pads (also at Lowe’s) and velcroing them to the back so the wood would not rub on the chair rail.

Can you believe I made this?! I am still in shock. My pride is abundant.

Stay tuned for the full master bedroom reveal. The before and afters are quite a treat!

A big thanks to:
Cutting Edge Stencils for the Trellis Allover Stencil
Nathan McGee for the Yudu Fabric Ink
Lowe’s for the Jigsaw, MDF, and power tool confidence boosting

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Glitter Nails with Martha Stewart

I am so excited to be able to be a part of the 12 months of Martha Stewart Crafts! When the box came in the mail I couldn’t wait to see what was inside. I opened it up and spotted a 6 pack of glitter and knew just what I wanted to do with it. I have seen so many fun nail ideas floating around Pinterest and thought what fun I could have coming up with some Valentines inspired glitter nails.
I came up with three glitter nail ideas, each to match different styles: 
sassy, sweet, and fun.
Paint the nail with clear or light pink coat and let dry. Paint just the french tip area and sprinkle with the chunky shattered looking glitter near the end of the nail. It will naturally have a lot of glitter toward the bottom and a few strays going up the nail. Have a toothpick handy to move glitter pieces around to your liking. Let it dry. Carefully apply a few clear coats until the nail feels smooth, letting them dry between. I love how it gives that shattered glass look!

Take a piece of clear tape and punch it with the Martha Stewart Punch All Over Pattern Heartbeat (shown in pic below). Place the medium sized heart opening on you nail where you want the glitter heart and press down to seal the tape to the nail using it as a stencil. Paint over the heart opening with clear nail polish. While still wet, cover the polish with glitter. Remove the tape and fix any stray sparkles with a toothpick. When dry go over it with a few clear coats to seal and enjoy your new glitter nail art!
Paper in background is from the Martha Stewart Handmade Valentines 12×12 paper pad.
Paint your nail with a clear coat and dip in the glitter. Clean stray glitter around edges and cuticles with a toothpick. Let dry. Take a piece of clear tape and punch it with the Martha Stewart Punch All Over Pattern Heartbeat (shown in pic above). Place the medium sized heart opening on you nail where you want the glitter heart and press down to seal the tape to the nail using it as a stencil. Paint over the heart opening with clear nail polish. While still wet, cover the polish with glitter. Remove the tape and fix any stray sparkles with a toothpick. You may have to let it dry and repeat the stencil process to make the contrasting glitter heart stand out enough. When dry go over it all the nails with a few clear coats to seal.
As a side note, the Sweet version lasts the longest. It is still in great condition two days, showers, dishes, and laundry loads later. The Sassy version lasted about a day and a half and the Fun version lasted about day before significant chipping. Granted, I am VERY hard on nail polish and probably did not use as many clear coats as I should have.

Disclosure: Martha Stewart Crafts provided supplies to complete this project.

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20 Tips for Disneyland with Kids

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  1. Pack with entire outfits in gallon ziploc bags from shirts to socks and accessories. Then kids can pull out the bag for that day and get dressed. No searching around for rogue items.
  2. Take or rent a stroller. We take our double stroller so both kids can ride. They will get tired and you won’t want to carry them (plus it will carry all your stuff). Mark it well with a tag with your name and phone number. All the strollers start to look the same after a while.
  3. Bring ponchos (2 for $1 at Dollar Tree) and flip flops for the water rides. People may look at you funny, but better for wearing a poncho than for walking like a sore cowboy because your shorts are chafing and your shoes squelch.
  4. Have a large back pack to hold everything (jackets, camera, hats, sunscreen, etc) that will still fit in the bottom of the stroller. You will have to take it out and fold the stroller if you take a shuttle to Disney. I can’t tell you how many things we lost on the way to and from Disney that we would still have had we put everything in the bag.
  5. Carry an extra pair of clothes and a sweatshirt for the kids. They are bound to spill, get wet, or get sick and you’ll be glad you had them. As for the jacket, it can be chilly in the morning and evening or after water rides.
  6. Put everyone’s shoes in the same place every time you walk in to the hotel. That way you won’t have to search them out every time you want to leave.
  7. Pack anything non-perishable in to the stroller the night before. That way you can get to the park bright and early without feeling in a rush. The first hour the park is sooo much less busy and you can get a lot of rides in before the crowds.
  8. Staying in a hotel with a good breakfast is a huge plus. You never have to discuss where to go or have an extra stop before the park. You can even eat in your pjs.
  9. Each morning take a picture so you can remember what everyone is wearing, but also if someone gets lost you have a picture of exactly what they look like that day.
  10. Make personalized Disney tattoos with your phone number on them for little kids to wear in case they get lost. Teach them how to spot a cast member to help them.
  11. Take food for snacks in a soft sided cooler. Snacks throughout the day will keep kiddos in good spirits and stretch time between stops for meals. You may also consider packing young kids lunch. If they are picky it will save you from wasting an expensive park meal.
  12. Take a water bottle for each person with their name on it. Staying hydrated is imperative and take a refillable bottle will save you a ton of money. Bottles with straws are great because it is proven that kids drink more from a straw. Attach them all to the stroller with a big carabiner.
  13. Go home for a nap in the afternoon. It will save you from fighting with cranky kids when everyone is overtired. It’s also great to have a break from the sun in the heat of the day.
  14. Use the parent pass system! If you have kids that are too small for the ride, you can send one parent through and get a parent pass from a cast member for the other parent to come back through the fastpass, wheelchair line or sometimes even the exit (depending on the ride). It’s nice because at most of the big rides there is a little kid ride nearby so it is easy to take the toddler on a ride then swap.
  15. Make use of the fastpass system. Collect your fastpass near the attraction using your park ticket at the kiosk. The fast pass will give you a time to return and go through an expedited line to experience the ride. Another Fastpass ticket can be obtained either at the start of the current Fastpass ticket’s return time or after two hours, whichever is earlier.
  16. Use the parent passes and fast passes in conjunction in your favor if you have an odd number with a small child. Example: We had two parents and five year old and a two year old. We paid for three tickets which means we could get three fast passes. So we would send one parent with our older child using two fast passes, but getting a parent pass. Then, the second parent would go with our oldest using the parent pass. Then, one parent would go again with our oldest using the last fastpass. Just tell the cast member you only have one and ask if you can take your child anyway. They always let us. This meant my son got to ride four times for the wait time of one!
  17. If you have impatient toddlers in tow and don’t mind splitting up have one parent take the kids on a short ride while the other parent waits in a long ride or character greeting line. The kids get more rides and you get less frustration. The cast members don’t mind you joining your family in line as long as someone is saving your spot.
  18. Along the same lines take little activities, books, phone apps, or toys to entertain kids in long lines. Think up silly Disney trivia questions or make up stories.
  19. At the ice cream shop on main street you can save money by buying the biggest waffle cone and purchasing additional ice creamless sugar cones. Then just scoop some from the huge cone in to the little ones for small kids.
  20. If you want your child chosen for Jedi training in tomorrowland get there about 20-30 minutes early and once they start choosing have your kid jump up and down and clearly shout to the Jedi master what they are wearing. When we were there they chose by describing what they are wearing over the mic.

My bonus tip is book through Get Away Today. They always have deals like free nights, free parking etc. and as a bonus if you give them the code Tipsy14 and you’ll get $10 off! That’ll buy you a turkey leg at Disneyland people!

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