Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Peter Pan Family Costume

Happy Halloween 

from Hook, Smee, Peter, and Tiger Lily!

For our Disney DIY this week we made a Smee costume for Dad. Just buy a white t-shirt and add blue stripes with painters tape and fabric paint. Throw in some blue shorts, sandals, and a red beanie. Cut sideburns out of cotton rounds and safety pin them to the beanie. We forgot to move his glasses on the end of his nose for the picture. Voila, instant Smee!

Wednesdays through January!

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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Pumpkin Steamer

Something about fall with the crisp air and cool night breezes that draws me toward something deliciously warm to drink. I love a yummy Starbuck's Pumpkin Steamer as much as the next girl, but those paper cups of heaven can take a toll on your pocket book. So, I took things in to my own hands and found out how very simple it is to make your own pumpkin steamer.

Pumpkin Steamer
  • 3/4 ounce pumpkin spice syrup
  • 3/4 ounce vanilla-flavored syrup
  • 8 ounces cold milk
  • Whipped Cream
  • Pumpkin Pie Spice
1. Steam syrup and cold milk together. (or if you're like me, use the microwave for about minute and a half)
2. Top with whipped cream and sprinkle with pumpkin pie spice.

You can get the pumpkin spice syrup online. But, I a little birdie told me if you want it just like Starbuck's you might want to get Torani or Da Vinci pumpkin sauce (which is creamier and thicker) instead of syrup, which will run you quite a bit more. If you want to make your own, here is a recipe for Pumpkin Spice Syrup.

Great by the mugful, or make a big batch for a party! I'm thinking a pumpkin steamer would make a fabulous addition to Thanksgiving breakfast! Sip it while preparing the feast!

Monday, October 29, 2012

DIY bookshelf

With my recent craft room redo, I had a small budget and so tried to shop my house for pieces I could re-purpose to use in the space. There was a little closet area where I wanted to store unused home decor and needed some shelving. I found two sad bookshelves residing in our family room that needed some love, but would fit perfectly in the space.

I am a little embarrassed to admit those were in our house. I think they came with Jared when we got married. I had ignored them sitting there full of books for so long that I hadn't realized how ugly they were. 

So, how do you update a cheap laminate bookshelf without sanding or spending a ton of money?

Cover stain primer my friends. A couple coats of this stuff and paint away! 

DIY Bookshelf

1. Carefully pry off backing. Mine was attached with staples, so I made good use of a butter knife and removed the cardboard like back piece.
2. Apply two coats of primer letting each one dry completely. I used a brush in the corners and a low-nap roller for the rest.
3. Spray paint using multiple light coats.

If you're lucky and your family is on a father/son camping trip you'll do it all in pjs and bare feet in the garage and end up looking like this. Yikes!

4. Cover the backing with your favorite patterned fabric or economical choice wrapping paper. I used a glue stick around the edges where the bookshelf would attach and spray adhesive on the rest.

5. Wrap the paper/fabric around the edges of the boards and secure with glue.

6. Have a friend hold the back in place as you re-attach it. I used a nail gun, but a staple gun would work just as well.

Move them in to place and admire your handiwork! It has been so nice having a storage area for all my home decor items.

If you like this, come see the rest of my craft room makeover.

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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Sing Your Way to Sleepytime

Bedtime is one of my favorite times of day. What could be better than cozy jammies, reading together, and sharing songs and snuggles? Like most families we have our routine down. Jammies, snack, brush teeth, potty, drink, 3 books, sing "I Love to see the Temple" and then close it out with "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" and kisses. It works for us and my littles know just what to expect once 8 o'clock rolls around.

I love so much that my youngest is a snuggler. Those little hugs are seriously the best thing ever! I love singing to him though I am far from a performer. I like that he knows and loves my voice imperfect as it is. He has started to join in and sing with me which totally melts my heart. These are the moments I treasure!

Enter your lullaby video in the Celestial Seasonings® ‘Sing your way to Sleepytime Contest’ for the opportunity to win a $5,000 Pottery Barn® gift card and transform your bedroom into a cozy, sleep-friendly space!

Now that is something we could all use!!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Celestial Seasonings®. The opinions and text are all mine.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Mike Wazowski Shirt

Who doesn't love Mike Wazowski? Seriously, he's hilarious not to mention simple so he is easy to make in to a shirt. It cost me all of $1. Gotta love those numbers!

Contact paper
Fabric Medium
Black paint
Green Paint
White Paint
Turqouise paint
Foam brush
Green shirt


1. I saw this shirt and took matters in to my own hands. Import the image in to the silhouette software and use the trace feature to get your cut lines. Cut two stencils out of contact paper. You'll use different pieces at different times.

2. Place your first set of contact paper stencil shapes as shown below.

 3. Using separate little bowls mix up black, white and green with the fabric medium according to package directions. Carefully paint by dabbing with the foam brush. Paint the mouth and the middle of the eye black. Paint the outer eye and little dot in the eye white. Paint the lip line green. Use as many coats as it takes to get the vibrancy you want. Let it dry completely.

4. Layer the stencil as shown below covering the painting you already did. Mix up the turquoise with the fabric medium. 

5. Paint the teeth white and the middle of the eye turquoise. Let dry completely.

6. Carefully remove all stencils.

I am seriously in love with this Mike Wazowski shirt!! 
It was easier and turned out better than I thought!

Pair it with some shorts and you're all ready for Disneyland!

Mike was my little guy's favorite Disney shirt of them all and that's saying something considering I made  about 10 different shirt designs for our trip.

If you liked this Mike Wazowski shirt, stay tuned every Wednesday through January for a new Disney DIY project each week!

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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

How to Make Bats

I promised myself I was done with Halloween decor, but a Halloween obsessed preschooler and some free time to spend together convinced me otherwise. We decided to join in on the bat wall craze and it turned out so fun I just had to share.

The best part is that it is playing double duty and staying up for my son's upcoming Batman birthday party. Nothing like killing two birds with one stone!

How to Make Bats:

Find a bat shape (or a set of three in multiple sizes like me) and cut a bundle out of black cardstock with your craft cutter. Using double sided sticky tape, stick them to the wall alternating shapes and direction and bending the wings out slightly for 3D effect. That's it!

So easy and free considering we had everything on hand! Love it!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Kid Chatteroo

I am so super delighted to tell you that my cute friend Kirsten from Crafting Chicks created an app and it launches today!! She has been working her tail off on it and it's finally done. Not only is she one of the cutest girls I know, but her app idea totally rocks!

KID CHATTEROO is fun to play at bedtime, dinnertime and snuggletime. Easily turn those potentially “time-wasting” moments such as amusement park lines, waiting rooms, car rides,  into meaningful moments. Use KID CHATTEROO anytime and anywhere you want to connect with your kids. Capture those little voice recordings with an easy-to-use recording feature, it’s like capturing time in a bottle.  

Here are examples of some of the fun questions and answers you might experience with Kid Chatteroo:
  • If you ate a rainbow what would it taste like?  
    • Aiden age 5: "Nothing, because they're clear and when you put your hand on them it just goes through." 
    • Benny age 5:  "really good burritos"  
    • Delany age 3:  "chicken"

  • If you lived in candy land what would you build your house out of? 
    • Aiden: "For wood, it would be candy canes." 
    • Delany:  "a rainbow"  
    • age 3: "popcorn"

  • What are you most excited for?  
    • Aiden: "Easy, Halloween." 
    • Delany:  "my birthday cake"  
    • Benny:  "everything"

  • What is the silliest thing about Dad?  
    • Aiden: "He toots so loud." 
    • Delany: "He scares me with a {Halloween }mask all the time."

  • Why are moms so super?  
    • Aiden: "That's really hard, I think we should skip that one." 
    • Delany:  "Cuz you're awesome. And I like Aunt Kristi more."

  • If animals could talk, which one would you talk to and what would you say? 
    • Aiden:"Ribbit, ribbit to a frog." 
    • Delany:  "Monkey: Dora has shoes"

  • If you were a princess/knight what would your castle look like? 
    • Aiden: "Like the castle in Brave or a giant rectangle with two towers with lots of squares on top."
    • Delany:  "Purple" 

  • If you ate a rain cloud what would it taste like?  
    • Aiden: "Rain, I meant water because rain is water." 
    • Delany "watermelon"  
    • age 3: "Yucky Stuff"

  • Why do dogs have a tail? 
    • Aiden: "To show when they like someone." 
    • Delany:  "Cuz they um, they swish them around"

  • What is your favorite thing to do with mom?  
    • Aiden: "Aiden time." 
    • Delany:  "Go on a walk to Circle K to get a pop" 
    • age 3: "LAUGH"
I love the idea of having their cute little voices and silly answers recorded to keep forever. And the fact that it is easy as pushing a button on your phone is a huge bonus! And 99 cents? Please. I spend that on a candy bar in the checkout.

Check out the app and if you like it, tell her by giving her a 5 star rating! Catch them around the web too!

WEBSITE: WWW.KIDCHATTEROO.COM join their mailing list for updates and other fun tidbits!

DIY SITE: creator of Kid Chatteroo & her four friends share awesome DIY stuff

Friday, October 19, 2012

Pumpkin Wreath

I shared this fun pumpkin wreath over on Every Creative Endeavor last week, but wanted to share here for anyone who missed it.

Wanna make a wreath? I am am loving the texture and harvest feeling wreath adds to my wall!


It's not the traditional fall colors, but I adore the neutral theme.

Supplies needed:
Two nesting embroidery hoops
Twist ties
Linen (about 12 in. x 54 in.)
Ten white mini pumpkins
Hot glue or Amazing goop or other super strong glue
Fabric scrap
Fabric glue
Wood letters

How to make a wreath:

1. Twist tie the embroidery hoops together as tight as possible to ensure stability.

2. Rip the linen in to 4 inch strips. Hot glue fabric to the hoops ruffling as you go along. Use a lot of glue so it adheres well. Here's what it will look like on each side.

3. Arrange your pumpkins on the linen. Begin gluing them starting with the bottom of the pumpkin and then attaching any fabric that touches the sides with glue. Make sure they are very secure with hardly any movement.

4. Add additional security and dimension by using the leftover 2 inch strips of linen. Cut them in to four inch pieces and ruffle placing between the pumpkins and securing with glue.

5. Make a mini pennant banner by cutting small triangles out of fabric and slightly larger triangles out of cardstock. I used a pinking shear edge on the fabric for added interest. Use the fabric glue to adhere the fabric to the cardstock. Attach the wood letters to the triangles with fabric glue. Hot glue the triangles  to the ribbon.

6. Attach your pennant to two of the pumpkin stems by tying two loops around the stems in a knot.

7. Hang using a system that can hold a lot of weight. I have a screw in a stud. DO NOT hang on a door or something else that moves. The wreath cannot withstand movement or swinging. 

Enjoy your fun fall pumpkin wreath!

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Thursday, October 18, 2012

$50 My Vinyl Direct GIVEAWAY + Eyes That Glow

I love vinyl as much as the next craft supply hoarding girl. I have a stash. We shall not embellish on the details of said stash. Though I did recently make a fantastic discovery. Have you heard of My Vinyl Direct? I just received my first order and am super excited about it! It included glow in the dark vinyl!! This stuff is sooo fun! 

We decided to put it to good use cutting spooky eyes and placing them around the house on the piano, grandfather clock and in the windows. My five year old is obsessed with decorating for Halloween. No really, everywhere we go he either comments on the decor or asked the closest person why they have not decorated for Halloween. Today while taking a field trip to the hospital to have lunch with Daddy we passed by a room with a skeleton and he got all excited about their spooky decor. It was the community education room, pretty sure it's there all year.

BTW, here's a hint, glow in the dark is thicker than regular vinyl because it has shiny metallic back to help the glowing so set your craft cutter accordingly.

Anyway, back to the good stuff...

My Vinyl Direct has much more than just glow in the dark, though I am still geeking out over it. They have 36 matte colors, 28 gloss, chalkboard vinyl, dry erase vinyl, 32 colors of iron on transfer, and transfer tape to make sure they are all placed perfectly! They also sell in four different sizes as to be compatible no matter which craft machine you have. You can check out all the details and order here.

Matte Vinyl Single Sheets

You want some right? Of course you do.
Well, My Vinyl Direct is awesome and wants you to try it out so they are giving away a $50 gift card to one lucky Tipsy reader!

Enter through the Rafflecopter widget below.

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Monday, October 15, 2012

This is Our Happily Ever After Temple Pictures

I ran across a cute print on etsy stating, "This is our Happily Ever After." I loved the simplicity, but meaning behind it and decided that by adding temple pictures they could make really cute wedding gifts.

This is Our Happily Ever After Temple Pictures

I love fairy tales with the prince and the princess living happily ever after in their castle. The temple for me is my castle symbolizing forever so it is the perfect addition. 

I just added the saying on the glass of a shadow box in white vinyl and added the picture of the temple the couple was married in to the back of the box. This gives it nice dimension.

Lucky for us Kristyn from Lil' Luna searched through and found 20 different non-copyrighted temple images and antiqued them so all you have to do is print them out and add them to the frame! She is so awesome right?!

I love the look of the images and the fact that they are black and white means they go with almost any decor scheme the couple may have chosen. The couple can also easily swap out the image for temple pictures from their wedding day.

I'm thinking I need to create one for myself now!

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Friday, October 12, 2012

Fall Wreath on ECE

We took a trip over to Every Creative Endeavor today while Amanda is out with her adorable new bundle to share this fun fall wreath.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Tiny Little Treasures

Do have a special outfit that your child wore that you can't bear to get rid of? For me, it is the most simple little thing, a hand me down actually. With my first little boy a friend gave me all her boy clothes. What a blessing! My little one was totally outfitted without any effort on my part. I opened up the bags (that's right, there were many) and immediately fell in love with this little Baby Gap number.

Don't mind the weird position. He was honestly happiest this way on daddy's arm and always had to be sucking on something.

He was born in December and what could be sweeter than a skinny little boy in candy cane stripes. It reminds me of olden time long underwear. Lucky for me, I had another little boy and had good reason to break out the candy cane jammies.


I absolutely love seeing all my favorites again. It's like Christmas pulling the cute little outfits as he grows in to them.

I've learned the hard way that you need to be careful with these sweet little clothes. My kids have sensitive skin so I like to use detergents like Dreft that are free of dyes and scents that can be irritating to little skin. I am also careful to remove any stains before storing as they multiple over time! I don't know how or why, but boy do they!

I have seen really cute ideas on how to use baby clothes once the baby years are past. I've seen quilts made from baby clothes, tiny items spray framed as art for the laundry room, and even cute shadow box displays.

How do you preserve your favorite little outfits?

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Dreft. As a part of this program I received the product, the opinions and text are all mine.