My Windows Phone #MeetYours

Christmas came a little early at our house. My Windows phone arrived and I didn’t even get the chance to open it. My husband was so excited he just couldn’t wait. I had to steal it away before he started pinning his favorites. After all it is MY windows phone.
I got right to setting it up just right for me. Wanna know all the cool things I found out?!
  • It takes all your friends profiles from contacts, facebook, twitter, etc and merges them all in to one “people” place. All of their info is right there in one spot whether I want to talk or tag them they are just a tap away! You can also create specific groups like family which is awesome.
  • You can post to your facebook and twitter all from one spot. It keeps track of all my accounts under the “me” tile. See how I have 102 notifications in the pic below, that would drive my husband batty. 

  • You can customize your start screen with anything you want including live updates on game scores, celeb gossip, etc. With all my social media connections for friends and myself in two tabs that left a lot of room for quick tiles to other things like: 
    • A lot of basics that I use all the time like: weather, texting, camera, email, web, calendar, map.
    • Photo reel (it’s scrolling through a pic of the lights on Temple Square) for a slideshow of my favorite pictures.
    • Pinspiration which is an app for Pinterest
    • Quick tiles for my husband (swords) and sister
    • Gospel library which is a digital version of all my scriptures and church manuals
  • You can also customize the size, location and color of the tiles. Mine tiles came red and I swapped for a nice blue. I made my husband’s tile huge not only to boost his ego, but so I can easily dial him when driving.
  • The screen is huge! I mean look at all the stuff that fits on there! The big tiles are about an inch square.
So far I am like a kid in a candy store changing sizes and colors and rearranging tiles. It’s like designing a new room without having to move furniture or ending up with paint in your hair!

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    I have a Lumia, and Its amazing, hahaha’ I don’t know why, but its so cool to spend hours changing the tiles, etc, and you can really see yourself on the phone =D

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    Hi i need to know if this phone has acccess to the ZVRS 4 app and if it does what is the name of the store ( u know like Google Play or is it Droid platform?) I know I am going to get stoned for this question but i love what u told me about what it can do!!

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