Sesame Street Birthday Party

My little guy has a big thing for Elmo and Cookie Monster. So when birthday time rolled around it was an easy choice to do a Sesame Street birthday party. The primary colors were great and I had a blast adding faces to everything I could.

Elmo loves his crayons so we set up a coloring table and a bubble machine to entertain the guests while everyone arrived. I had no idea what a hit the bubble machine would be!

Each games prize coordinated with the character. Pin the nose on Elmo gave goldfish crackers (like Elmo’s pet Dorothy) in a fish bowl. Oscar’s trash toss players received gummy worms (like his pet Slimey). Ernie’s duck pond players kept their rubber ducky and also got  silly straw or punch ball depending on what number their duck said on the bottom.

Each guest got also took home Sesame Street character playdough, Cookie Monster’s cookies, an Elmo book and Sesame Street character bubbles.

Hints for creating a budget friendly yet swanky Sesame Street party:

HINT #1 Use your (or your friends) craft cutter to your advantage!

This is the first party I have done with my Cricut mini and it was a huge help! Choose from TONS of Cricut Cartridges! I used the Cricut Sesame Street – Friends Cartridge to make:

  • Lincoln Street sign (Sans Serif font)
  • Playdough, bubble and drink Sesame Street character faces
  • Cookie Monster Shirts – heat transfer on blue shirts
  • Dorothy on fish bowls
I used other cricut shapes like scallops, circles, and labels to make:
  • Lincoln is Two banner
  • Sesame Street character faces (Scallop-Snowflke from Best images of 2009 cartridge)
  • Food, game, and prize labels (DnceTeam Label from Twinkle Toes cartridge with Sesame Street Elmo’s Party font)
Want to know my other secret weapon? 
HINT #2 Discount stores! Shopping smart at budget friendly stores for your party does not have to look well…cheap.
Dollar Tree supplies:
  • Playdough
  • Elmo Books
  • Bubbles
  • Mondo drinks
  • Cookie Monster juice
  • Clear fruit & veggie platters
  • Silly Straws
  • Punch balls
Wal-mart supplies:
  • Bubble machine
  • Chips Ahoy individual packs
  • Crayons
  • Cupcakes (ordered cupcakes with blue grass tip frosting and finished myself with candy melts and chocolate chips for eyes and a chips ahoy mini cookie)
  • Mini canister “fish bowls”
  • Oscar’s trash bucket
HINT #3 Tie it all together with a fun color scheme or pattern. We stuck with primary colors and tied all the areas together using red polka dot wrapping paper. It was 50% off in the Christmas section at Hobby Lobby and cost me $4. I think it took the party to another level.
HINT #4 You don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Be inspired by other parties with similar themes and put your own spin on it.
I was inspired by many other parties as you can see on my Perfect Party Pinterest board. Here are the references I used specifically…
Dorothy Fish Bowls

Good luck planning your own Sesame Street Party! 
I’d love to see it!

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  1. Staci says

    Everything is so cute! I love throwing theme parties and have actually done Sesame Street before, but not nearly so well! In my defense I was extremely pregnant, lol! Great ideas for our next one though!

  2. says

    @Unknown We were at a church, so my backdrop is hung using push pins in the cork strip on top of the chalkboard. You could use masking tape on the back or some of that tacky putty.

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