Friday, May 18, 2012

Polka Dot Fruit Stand

I love the fresh produce that comes with summer. We're trying to eat healthier what better way to do it than having your fruit right on the counter to grab for snacks or even just remember what you have to work with. I have done a bowl in the past, but I wanted a fruit stand that could hold a lot and also add some color and personality to my kitchen.


I love how it turned out, but just in case it is not your style, I have five others for you to choose from! This idea was actually born from a late night snack run with my roommates during Breathing Space Blogger Retreat. We ran to the grocery store, saw these adorable polka dot dishes and thought it might be fun to make stands with them. I love how each bloggers personality shows through a little differently.

Go visit these cute girls to see theirs in more detail:
 Amanda,WhitneyStaciLeanneMe,  Kaysi

Want a mini how to?

Spray Paint

Spray paint your candlesticks using multiple light coats and letting it dry between coats. Glue it all together with E-6000 making sure everything is centered over each other. Let it dry.

As you can see I put the top candle stick upside down. It fit perfectly within the ridges of the bowl and then left more room on the small plate for fruit or goodies. I decided on a fruit stand because it's not often that I need a whole display of goodies and it was way to cute to hide in a cupboard. I love how it adds a natural pop of color to my space.

It would also be super cute for chips or veggies and dip! Oooh, or crackers and an assortment of cheese cubes in the top!

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Vanessa said...

Hi, Michelle

These are lovely.


Leanne said...

I love how you used yours as a fruit stand. The black and white looks awesome with all the fruit colors. Now I'm craving pears. Is it time for another Breathing Space yet? I'm ready!

Ty and Whitty said...

I totally had an idea to use it as a serving fruit platter but not for a fruit stand that is genius! you go girl I love it. thanks for making me laugh so much at breathing space. It was fun to meet you

Kaysi @ Keeping it Simple said...

Super cute!! I love the blue in yours with the black and white, super cute!

Kara said...

These are all just adorable! What grocery store did you find them at? I love those polka dots!

Amanda Jones said...

You were smart to do colors that match your kitchen - mine is already hidden away so I am a little bit jealous!

Heather said...

Found this from Pinterest~

I LOVE black and white polka dots! I love them even more with retro blue!

I cannot recall seeing those plates anywhere - please do share where you picked them up!

Michelle said...

I got the dishes at Harmon's. They are plastic and in the seasonal section.

Scrappy Gifts said...

so cute! How fun to do it with bloggy friends too =)

Christina @ The Scrappy Housewife said...

This is so cute! I might have to adapt it for my new craft room rather than fruit, but I love the whimsy of it. Where did you find the polka dot plates?

Rachel {RandR Workshop} said...

This is such a fun idea! I love it!
I will be including it(with a link back to my blog) in my Polka Dot Projects Round-up on my blog:

Rachel @ R & R Workshop