Friday, April 6, 2012

Special Addition to Our Family Tree Baby Shower

We were so thrilled to find out my sister was having a little girl. She is an amazing mother and like many of us went through many struggles to be blessed with her first two children. She lives across the country, but is  professional genealogist and was going to be in town for an event so we could not pass up the chance to throw her a baby shower! We decided on "A Special Addition to Our Family Tree" for the theme because it fit her so perfectly. 

Sign reads:
"Family: like branches on a tree, we all grow in different directions yet our roots remain as one."

With the tree theme there was a natural extension to nests, birds and eggs.

Left: canvas (using cardstock, vinyl, and silhouette) for the nursery, leaving room for her name.
Right: Door prize. Guess how many eggs (Cadbury eggs minus the blue and yellow) in the jar.

Left: Gift area 
Right: Nesting banner
Wish Tree: each guest wrote a special wish for the baby and hung it on a branch.

Middle: chocolates made with leaf molds, homemade raspberry lemonade & water adorned with pink binkies Bottom: birdcage and bird made from scrapbook paper

And the best part of all is the little princess has arrived and loves all the gifts from her shower. Especially the ones from me. ;) See...

I have a whole inspiration board on Pinterest for this theme if you want even more ideas.

(I altered from these, but always like to give credit)
Nest cookies
Family Like Branches on a Tree Quote
Tree Canvas
Wish Tree
Nests with Jordan Almonds
Paper Birds (saw this idea on Studio 5 forever ago. I think it came from Kristine?)

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Carmella said...

beautiful, beautiful!!

Kara said...

This is such a cute theme for a baby shower Michelle! Everything is just darling, especially your new niece! :)

Burchikins Lomeland said...

What an adorable theme!!! <3

Stacy said...

What a darling theme! Even if she wasn't a genealogist, but since she is it IS PERFECT :)And spring time too :) Love it!

Amy Fountain said...

Beautiful! You've made everything so perfect for the little angel. :)

busseltonpph said...

Love these ideas. Perfect for my SIL and her new bub. Thank you for sharing and thank you for original sources :)

Cre8ive Motives said...

This is so precious. And your niece is beautiful :)