10 LDS Conference Activities for Kids

With two little ones of my own, I know it can be hard to be able to sit down and peacefully listen to General Conference. I am all for having a bag of tricks to keep the kiddos interested and/or quiet so here are a few LDS Conference Activities I have come up with through the years.

close up multi colored beads heap in box Stock Photo - 99702421. Conference Bracelets
Pick a topic for each color of bead and create jewelry based on what people speak on. Then have something fun to wear.

Haba Colored Building Blocks Accessory Set

3. Conference Blocks                                                  Talk about building on a firm foundation and use masking tape to label each block with a topic. Build something using the building blocks of our faith by adding block each time you hear one of the keywords.

4. Pitch Your Tent
Make a tent with blankets with the door toward the television. Read the article and do the color by number of King Benjamin from the August 2001 Friend p. 18-19.

2. Conference Sundae
Earn a new ingredient (banana, ice cream scoop(s), hot fudge, caramel, nuts, whipped cream, etc) for every talk they listen to or take notes about.

5. General Conference Easter Egg Hunt

6. Temple Memory Game (3 versions: Utah, under construction, reader request)


7. LDS General Conference Coloring Page

8. Temple Sewing Card

Salt Lake Temple Sewing Card

9. General Conference Coloring

10. First Presidency Coloring Page

What activities do you have up your sleeves for conference?

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  1. says

    Tank you for the wonderful ideas :) I’m from Sweden and have been thinking about how too prepare my children for generalconference! Thank’s again :) I’ll have to share with my friends too!
    / Julie

  2. says

    Thanks for your ideas! I bookmarked these for this weekend and can’t wait to use them. We went to the distribution center and got 2 copies of the latter day prophet picture, I cut them up and made a memory game from the small squares. I also cut up (and laminated) a few of her favorite pictures (first presidency, local temple, Savior) and made puzzles, though it felt a little sacrilegious cutting them into pieces. And we got a picture of the latest quorum of the 12 + presidency and have a little paper “frame” that goes over the face of who is speaking. Your ideas sparked my own, thanks!

  3. says

    These are great ideas! I especially love the fact that you already have the dots printed so I know where to punch the holes. I’ll add these to the activity bags I’ve been posting on my blog.

  4. says

    I love these ideas, especially the bracelet idea. Too bad I have boys who wouldn’t wear a bracelet even if I bribed them. :) I think I’ll add a few of these ideas to the General Conference activity bags I’ve posted on my blog.


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