Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Valentines Recipe: Red Velvet Waffles

If you've been with us a while, you are probably aware of my love of themey food. I saw this red velvet crepe recipe on Pinterest and loved it, but I'm kinda lazy and thought it was made with a cake mix (I know, blasphemy for some of you). Not so. So I decided to take things in to my own hands and make a Valentine's recipe using a red velvet cake mix. Oh yes, I did.

Valentines Recipe {Red Velvet Waffles}

How you do it depends on how you want it. We made a breakfast version and a dessert version.

Dessert Waffle (Soft & cake like)

Mix up the cake mix according to package directions and pour in to waffle maker. Cook as usual. It comes out as a waffle shaped piece of cake in a few minutes! Tops with Strawberries and whipped cream or chocolate sauce or frosting and ice cream. Whatever you love!

Breakfast Waffle (Waffle like: crunchy outside with cake inside)

Mix up Bisquick and Cake mix separately according to package directions.
Mix together 1 part prepared cake batter to 4 parts Bisquick batter. (We did 1 cup Bisquick to 1/4 cup cake mix)
Pour in Waffle Maker and cook as usual.

We topped ours with homemade Strawberry jam (warmed to a syrupy state) and whipped cream. Daddy likes a little...

But, mommy likes a LOT!


We have a small family, so after making our breakfast style waffles I poured the rest of the batter into a square pan and baked it up as a cake for later that night.

What's your favorite Valentines recipe?

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Tasha said...

AHH!! I had no idea you could do that!! My world just became SO much happier and full of tighter pants :)

Jennifer Curtis said...

Oh my, my hubs would love these!

Rachel Hellesvig said...

Do you think they would turn out just as good as pancakes?

Sherri Bailey said...

I seriously HEART this. I wrote about you here: http://momcaster.com/2012/09/13/what-can-i-make-with-cake-mix-9-kinds-of-amazingness-thats-what/

Love it!