How to Stencil Patterns {Cutting Edge Stencil Giveaway!}

I am in love…with stencils. I’m sure you’ve seen the big beautiful stencil patterns done by Stacy and Jamielyn. I have done stenciling on a small scale (remember my stencil frosted mirror), but never a wall. When Cutting Edge Stencils contacted me, I knew just where I wanted to try it. I have been dying to re-do my laundry room and I knew a stencil pattern would be perfection! I totally have a crush on my new wall.
To see the full impact you must see the before…
I know the bare white wall with wallpaper glue and dryer lint is highly desired, but I was ready for a change. I gave the walls a good scrub down with DIF to get the adhesive off and then wiped it down once more with water to make sure it was clean and would not make the paint crackle.
Then, they got a couple of coats of Pool Blue Glidden Paint. I had a free trial quart can and just had to buy a titch more. Be prepared to move the washer and dryer back and forth a gazillion times! Let the base coat dry at least 24 hours before stenciling on it.
How to Stencil Patterns
  • Stencil (mine was the Fuji Allover)
  • Latex or acrylic paints
  • Small Dense Foam Roller with rounded ends, stencil brushes
  • Large styrofoam plates
  • Paper Towels
  • Low tack painter’s tape, spray adhesive (optional)
  • Cutting Edge Stencil Level (optional)
  • Baby Wipes
  • Q-tips
It’s a good idea to practice your stencil to make sure you like your color combo and have the technique down before you start on the actual wall.
Be sure to tape off any outlets, ceiling or cupboards you want to protect.
Tape your stencil in place using painters tape making sure it is level (Cutting Edge Stencils come with a cool level that clips right on to the stencil. You can use spray adhesive as well if you like.
Pour some paint on your plate, coat the roller evenly and roll on the paper towels to get most of the paint off so it almost looks dry. Roll lightly over the stencil until you reach the desired effect. If you push too hard the paint will leak under the edges more. Be careful not to roll over the outside edges of the stencil.
Carefully remove the stencil and line it up with the previous pattern to go again. I had some obstacles like outlets and counter corners to work around. Sometimes you can’t get the stencil perfectly flat, but just do your best to hold it flat in small sections for these tricky areas.
Once you have the whole thing tackled you can go back around the edges with the smaller stencil provided to get closer to the edges.
Mine got a little messy around the edges in parts. You can wipe big oops with baby wipes to clean up quickly. For smaller clean up I used q-tips and both white and blue paint for touch ups.
I am thrilled with my first stenciled wall! My mind is going crazy thinking of all the other things I can stencil! You can see a sneak peek in the photo below. Stay tuned for the Laundry room reveal in its entirety next week!
Click to see the details and tour the DIY laundry room.

I am really excited to be able to give you the chance to stencil your own wall! Cutting Edge Stencils is giving away $50 toward any of their products!

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  1. says

    I would TOTALLY love to have the GABRIELLE DAMASK STENCIL or the SIMPLE RHYME ALLOVER STENCIL, and would LOVE to use it in nursery for my new baby on the way! Oh that would be SO beautiful! Which one I picked might change in a couple of weeks when I find out the gender!!!

  2. says

    I love the casablanca allover stencil!! I want to stencil my laundry room too!! If I have to do laundry, at least I can do it in a cute room, eh??
    missashleigh at juno dot com!! :)

  3. Nd says

    Outside of the Box Allover stencil looks perfect. I have been wanting to do a stencil art project for my walls.

    ndmolyneaux (at) yahoo

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