Superhero Squad Party Activities

Of course you need some great superhero squad training activities and we had no shortage. Planning and having everything prepared ahead is key to keeping things rolling smoothly. We had 10 different superhero training camp activities! Each one corresponded with a power from a favorite super hero.
1. Decorate your cape and mask.
  • We used a Walmart cape and mask set (about $5). They come in black, blue, red and green. Target has a cape with a wrap around front with muscles (about $5).
  • Decorate with foam letters. I had each child’s name ready to go, organized in an ice tray to make things fast and easy. All they had to do was peel and stick. No searching for letters or fighting over colors.
2. Web Shooting
  • Spraying silly string on villains from coloring books hung on a plastic tablecloth to protect walls and floor. We hung ours on the sliding glass door, hidden behind the vertical blinds until we were ready to play.
3. Flight Training
  • Playing Space Pop where you levitate to pop bubbles. A game from Kinect Adventures on the Xbox 360.
4. Bat Cave
  • Crawling in to the cave to get a glowing power bracelet.
  • Cover table and chairs with black plastic table cloths and hang strips of streamers from the ceiling (aka bottom of table). Tape glow stick bracelets between the streamers.
5. X-ray Vision
  • Peek behind the brick wall and try to remember all the items behind it.
  • Brick Wall Backdrop-purchased on Amazon

6. Super Strength
  • Pop balloons by squeezing, stomping or sitting on them.
7. Shield Throwing
  • Throwing a frisbee to explode a tower of cups.
  • Transform a dollar store frisbee in to a shield with vinyl or glued card stock.
8. Final Exam
  • Lifting a “barbell” to test their superpowers.
  • Use quick dry craft glue and spray paint to transform two dollar store balls and a rain stick into a barbell. You can also use a dowel and two styrofoam balls, but they are pricey for my taste.
9. Receive superhero name and official training certificate.
  • Certificate designed using one of Microsoft’s free certificate templates.
10. VIP visitors
  • Batman and Robin (cute high school students I met at a Halloween party and hired to come) signed their certificates and helped the kids find their signature superhero pose.
The kids had a blast with all these superhero squad training camp activities!
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  1. says

    your superhero party was awesome. I especially liked the bat cave and silly string. When my son has his next birthday I’m going to use some of your ideas. Thanks for sharing them.

  2. says

    Awesome party! I so wish I could have made the bat cave. But there was no way I could get one more thing cramed in.

    I totally loved the idea of knocking over the bad guy cups and used that for my son’s party. We also used the silly string shooting the bad guys. Thanks so much for the great ideas.

    My son’s party is here and I linked back to your site for some of the inspiration credit.

  3. Anonymous says

    I LOVE your ideas! Very creative! How did you get the rain stick to stay connected to the balls? I went to purchase some styrofoam, but decided against it when I saw the price.


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