DIY Under $5: Holiday Display Ideas

I wanted a little something different for my shelf this year. Using only things I already had (either dollar store, thrift store, or given to me) I created this…
It incorporates a few different holiday display ideas.
I love this printable from Eighteen25 and it is perfect to tie the colors in my stockings that hang on the fireplace to the right.
All the ornaments and silver bells are from Dollar Tree and the greenery is pieces that have fallen from my artificial Christmas tree. How’s that for re-use?
I am thinking a spruce garland and some muted red bows on the silver candlestick and the goblet would be just the right touch. All in all I am pleased with how it turned out! Not bad for free right?!
Now let’s see what you’ve been up to!

I enjoy so much your $5 projects that I decided to add an addition link section for anything under $15! That’s right. It will open up a place to show additional projects that can’t be purchased with an Abe Lincoln, but are still totally affordable! I can’t wait to see more from you!

Please remember:

  • Only link to your own projects that cost you $5 or less (price does not have to include items you had on hand) or $15 or less in the 2nd section.
  • You can link past projects that fit the dollar limit, but please only link each project one time to one DIY Under $5 party. Do not link the same project week after week.
  • No linking giveaways or items for sale
  • Please link back so others can join the party and so you have the opportunity to be featured on Saturday!

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Projects under $15

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