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Hello, my Tipsy friends (not drunk, right?)! My name is Kendra, and while I may not be tipsy, I AM crazy–hence the name of my blog–My Insanity.

When Michelle and I talked about doing a blog swap this month, we thought it might be nice to pick our Top 5 holiday ideas to share. At the moment, I have Christmas cards on the brain pretty heavily–mainly because mine aren’t done, yet! Each year, the Christmas card is a perfect opportunity to show the world how crazy I am, so today I am sharing with you my Top 5 most insane Holiday cards–not counting this year’s–which is sure to be right up there!


Upon a Midnight Clear

In earlier years I’ve tried to hand make all of my cards, scrapbook-style. But as the years have progressed, and the recipient list has grown, it has become less realistic to do so. I’ve switched to more digital/some-assembly required, type cards. That means the insanity transfers to the photography and design of the cards. I was so excited to do this shoot last year since I had a little baby boy. There was a fair amount of photoshopping involved, as you can imagine with kids this age (notice the grumpy angel?), but I was enamored with the idea and the result. If you haven’t figured out how I made my angel fly, check out my inspiration over at Design Mom.


Home for the Holidays

This card was crazy for a few reasons. I combined the digital insanity with assembly. That Christmas was about everything homey! The Christmas cookie you see on the front, is actually one that I had decorated and photographed. It was a little tricky to get everything to line up just right.

I used an exacto knife to cut out lift-up flaps on the windows and door. Then that card was glued on top of the folded card, and my exacto cut windows revealed photos of members of our family peeking out the window or welcoming you in our front door.
The inside featured some photos of our family around the fireplace, looking cozy, and being goofy. By the silly one you read “Oh there’s no place like home for the holidays!”, and our main greeting says “Wishing you all the comforts of home this holiday season!”



Partridge in a Pear Tree

2008 front
At first glance, it looks just like a cute digital photo card using recolored elements by Rhonna Farrer @ 2peas. But wait….
2008 inside
…there is more! The card is actually made of two postcards. One oversized, and one standard sized. The small postcard (where you see the graphic of the bird), lifts up to reveal the accordion fold insert, glued at the other end over half of the large post card.

For the insert, I used 11 x 17 paper (that I had had on hand for the last 8 years), and had two inserts printed/per sheet. If you can’t read, it, here is what it says (with lots of pictures to illustrate the lyrics):

The Year 2008

(To the tune of the 12 days of Christmas)
The year 2008, brought the H—- family:
12 weeks of preschool
11 months of insanity (with the URL to my blog)
10 pounds of Tessa
9 years of marriage
8 days of paintball
7 gourmet meals
6 teeth-a-missing
5 years of work (with my husband’s company)
4 days on a boat (Lake Powell)
3 birthday parties (for the kids)
2 camping trips
and our new home in Laveen.
I liked that the card tied in with my Christmas theme (that no one really knows about, but it makes me happy). But I also liked that I was able to give a bit of news, without writing a formal newsletter. In recent years, I have been directing people to our family blog for an update, rather than writing a lengthy letter.


(Blue Snowflake Newspaper)

2004 was a particularly newsy year! New home, new baby, etc. And it was in the P.B.E. (pre-blogging era), so I felt a newsletter would be appropriate. Only ours was a full blown newspaper–complete with engagements, crossword puzzles, sports and arts sections.
I had a great time writing it and sharing with family and friends. Assembly was easy, but composing the whole thing was a little crazy.



The Beginning of the Insanity!

I was pregnant with my first child and quite sick for several months. I spent way too much time watch Martha Stewart and other crafty people on TV, while I tried really hard not to puke. For some reason this idea from the Martha Stewart magazine, seemed doable and so clever.

Pop-up Christmas cards!

They are very clever, and doable if you want to make a few, but I am sad to say, that most of these never got sent, because with all of the embossing and assembly, I never completed enough to send to everyone on my list. I still love the concept! Maybe I’ll try them again with the kids sometime…in limited quantities.

There are even more insane Christmas cards on my blog, and the one I am currently working on will be no exception. So tell me, am I the only crazy one? Or do you send crazy Christmas cards, too?

Wow! Kendra those cards are amazing! I hide my cards from years past in shame next to those!

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