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I did this neighbor gift idea as a guest post as part of Swell Noel on Positively Splendid, but thought I would share here for anyone who missed it.


Last year we received a super cute neighbor gift; a box of tissues with a note that read “We tissue a Merry Christmas and a healthy New Year.” I love creative themey gifts, so I ran with it and it will be my son’s teacher gift this year.

I used the tissue box idea and added an array of health related items:
Wet wipes
Throat drops
Hand Sanitizer
Emergen-C packets
Added some snowflake filler aka pieces of silk flowers that look like snowflakes.
Then, I made some matching tags using wrapping paper, thin white cardboard, glue and glitter paint.
Cut out a snowflake. Glue it to the cardboard. Cover the white areas with glitter glue using the Martha Stewart fine tip top that screws right on to the paint bottle. Let it dry.
Cut out the snowflakes and write “We tissue a Merry Christmas…” and “and a healthy New Year!” on the back.
I love how it turned out and everything cost me under $10! Everything but the glitter paint, glue and cardboard was from Target. Easy as pie and perfect for an fun teacher or neighbor gift!

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    Hey!! I saw this on your guest post over at Positively Splendid and absolutely LOVED it. I loved it so much, in fact, that i decided to make my own for my sons kindergarten teacher! Come check out my version at my blog Don’t worry though, I gave you full credit!! Keep up the great blogging:)

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    I have a family member who is always sick. I would like to do this basket for her for Christmas, because I absolutely know she’ll be able to use it… but would it be appropriate? I don’t want her to take it the wrong way, like I’m poking fun or something. I’m all about practical Christmas gifts, so this would be a perfect one for her!


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