Make a Memory {The Red Plate}

Here we are, week 11 of the Make a Memory series. Each Monday through Labor Day I will feature a special family tradition from one of my favorite bloggers. It is so important to create lasting memories with our families and this will be a fun way to get ideas for fun traditions we can start with our own families. So let’s dive right in and see how Tam from Sew Dang Cute Crafts and her family make a memory!

Hi! I’m Tam from Sew Dang Cute Crafts and I’m so excited to be here as part of Michelle’s Making a Memory series.

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My husband and I both grew up in a pretty big families with lots of siblings. Both our moms made extra efforts to make each child feel special. Today I’m going to share with you a tradition from my husband’s family we have carried on with our children.

The Red Plate

Have you heard of this one? I hadn’t until I got married and I love it! My husband grew up with it and thought it was a lot of fun as a kid.

The red plate is a “special” plate. Whenever a family member has a special occasion, big event, or just needs an extra boost, they get to use the red plate for the day. Most of the time we use the red plate on birthdays.



However, other times could be doing well on a test, making a sports team, etc. My kids get really excited when they get to be the “special” person and use the red plate. It’s been fun so far (my kids are still pretty young) and I expect it to get better as the years go on. It’s a little something that can create fond memories for my kids and hopefully, help them remember the times they got to be extra “special”.

Thanks for having me here today and I hope you will come visit me at Sew Dang Cute Crafts!


Love the red plate! I forgot that my mom used to do this too. We had a red plate that said “you are special today.” What a fun way to celebrate a special day! Thanks Tam for another great way to make a memory!

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  1. from grannys kitchen says

    Ilove family memories and traditions… I have given my followers a shout out about your blog…

  2. says

    But to make it REALLY special, you have to do more that just use the red plate! We try to use our red “Special person of the day” plate whenever we are able to eat dinner together. We start with the special person who has to tell what the best thing that happened to them today was. Then we go around the table, taking turns and after we tell about our best thing for that day, we also get to tell what we appreciate about the special person. And no repeats- each person has to tell something different. This really does make the special person feel just that…special and appreciated!!! We had family visit a few years ago and did this. We picked my 7 year old nephew to be the special person and it was amazing to see! He had never before been told by his siblings or his parents what they appreciated about him and by the time we finished, he was 10 feet tall! They continued the tradition when they returned home to Ohio.

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