Make a Memory {Family Cheer}

Here we are, week 13 of the Make a Memory series. Each Monday through Labor Day I will feature a special family tradition from one of my favorite bloggers. It is so important to create lasting memories with our families and this will be a fun way to get ideas for fun traditions we can start with our own families. So let’s dive right in and see how Kiki from Kiki Creates and her family make a memory!

Hi! My name is Kiki from Kiki Creates. I am so happy to be here at A Little Tipsy this morning.

I am a mother to 3 beautiful kids and a wife to one awesome husband. They keep me sane, cheer me on when I get down, but most of all are they are my biggest sources of inspiration. Kiki Creates is my little place in blogland filled with tutorials, free printables and the inspiration where it all comes from.

I am loving this series. Traditions have always been a fun part of my life…from the little ones growing up to the ones I do now with my family. It certainly has been a fun way to grow closer together.

What seems like a long time ago, when I only had one child, we came upon something that was really funny to us. My husband and I watched a youth group at a summer camp come together and cheer “Sure Love Ya!”..and my husband and I watched and laughed at them. My son also watched and in his own way asked to do the cheer, so we did it…and it stuck. As each child has come into our family we have taught them the way of our family.

A few years ago, we had our family pictures taken and had this crazy family cheer photographed. I think she definitely caught the fun we have while doing it:

I know this is such a silly tradition, but we have used it in times when we needed to come together quickly..or right after we have accomplished something amazing together. And I can’t help but LOVE the picture of our hands all in a pile…after all, that’s how I want to remember my little family..all piled up and working together! I’m sure this is a tradition that will never die.

Just recently I made a print out of our tradition to place in my kids they can read and remember how much we truly do love each other! Feel free to take one or both. Simply right click on the image and save or print as you wish!

Thanks so much for having me, Michelle. This was a fun way to remember the traditions we have in our family..and a treat to read about all the others.

I love it! So great to have it documented in pictures as well! We have a family cheer too. My brother made it up when he was like 6 and I have carried it on with my own family. We say, “Together, Forever, through all eternity. Barneck, Barneck, Barneck family!” and then do a group hug. My little guy loves saying it each night before bedtime. Thanks Kiki for sharing another great way to make a memory!

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    I love aunt and her family always do this after family prayer. It’s a tradition I have always loved when we are staying at her house and have wanted to start with my family. Love the prints!!

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