Best Day of My Life…Today’s Creative Blog

Holy Mackerel, did I seriously just make the A-list?! I just saw that I am today’s feature on Today’s Creative Blog!!! I think it’s because I recycle. I am so excited to be a part of such an amazing group, even though I don’t sew (much)!

Todays Creative Blog

A big thanks to Kim! Who is totally hilarious and shouldn’t leave her camera around. Otherwise she ends up with a bunch of pictures like this…

Me, Stacy

She recently hosted a GNO in Utah because you know she loves us Utah girls. It was so fun to visit with bloggy friends and meet some new ones! There are many reasons to love Kim, one being that she calls me skinny every time I see her. I guess it helps that I was pregnant the first time we met.

She hosts a great party! Lucky for you, it’s like a party every day over at her place… Today’s Creative blog! See you there!

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DIY Under $5

We’re combining last weeks party features with this weeks party again. I will be back to doing $5 projects soon…ish. With no further adieu, the highlights.

My faves:

Fabric Button Bookmarks from Little Lovelies

Link with the highest clicks:

$3 Skirt by Suburbs Mama

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Seeing all your projects seriously brightens my day.
More good days to come, let’s get the party started!

Now it’s time to link up your $5 projects!

Please remember:

  • Only link to your own projects that cost you $5 or less (price does not have to include items you had on hand)
  • You can link past projects that fit the dollar limit, but please only link each project one time to one DIY Under $5 party. Do not link the same project week after week.
  • No linking giveaways or items for sale
  • Please link back so others can join the party and so you have the opportunity to be featured on Saturday!

DIY under $5

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Clean Green Maid for a Day GIVEAWAY!

I received an email from my friend Emily a couple of weeks ago asking if I would like to review an eco-friendly cleaning service here in SLC called Ecomaids. Um, yes please! Of course I would like someone to clean for me. Little did I know the events that would transpire during the next week making this not only convenient, but practically heaven sent.

I was excited to not only have someone do the work for me, but have a company who uses green supplies eliminating toxic fumes and excess waste. Like these awesome microfiber cloths that hold 11 times their weight of liquid. I also LOVE that they use a different color cloth for bathrooms, kitchens and other areas. I have an aversion to any kind of cleaning cloth or sponge, so I am I love that they are sensitive to cross-contamination. No bathroom cloths in my kitchen!

And let me tell you my house put them to the test. We had been home a total of 7 days out of the three weeks of July that had passed, pretty much to unpack do laundry and re-pack to leave every few days. They did an initial clean at my house which is a bit more extensive than the routine weekly clean (basically adds on cleaning baseboards and doors), though I was shocked at some of the items on the checklist!

For instance, they wipe down every piece of furniture removing every knick knack. They took out every item when they cleaned the shower.

They cleaned chair rails, light switches, and dusted ceiling fan blades! Hoorah!

I was totally loving the Ghostbuster flashback vacuum. They believe in capturing all the dust with their hepa filter vacuums and microfiber cloths, not just pushing it all around with brooms or feather dusters. They also take off their shoes and wear house shoes inside so they never track dirt or pesticides inside.

My favorite thing by far is how they made my son’s bed. AMAZING! I can’t even get the bedspread to look like that. The mattress is insanely snug in the frame. The bunk beds were made for my husband by his Dad when he was young and the mattresses barely, seriously, barely fit. I was seriously impressed with this one.

Oh, and if you leave new linens they will put them on the bed for you. And they fold the toilet paper in a fancy little triangle, which I love.

I’m happy as a clam. I have very few complaints, but to be fair I will share.

  • I wish they followed up some of the dusting with a damp cloth. Particularly, on my ceiling fans in my great room and blinds in the kitchen where they tend to get a little filmy.
  • The price is a bit high for me to do weekly clean. I would totally do an initial clean like they did this time a few times a year for holidays, spring cleaning, party preparation, moving, etc.

The cool thing is that ECOMAIDS allows you to customize your program to your budget. You can have them come weekly or one time. They don’t require you to sign up for any kind of schedule.

Wouldn’t you love to see these smiling faces at your door? A big thanks to Chris and Paige for a job well done on a house that started out full of summertime cleaning neglect.

Chris, Keith {owner}, Paige

To celebrate their grand opening, ECOMAIDS is offering their full-house Initial Service cleaning for just $79! For more details, check their Salt Lake specials.

*UPDATE: ECOMAIDS currently has a deal running on KSL for $49 for a limited time!!

Now, on to the GIVEAWAY!

ECOMAIDS is giving away a $100 gift certificate! You must live in Salt Lake county or have a friend/family member that can use this credit, within SL county limits. AND you can use your gift certificate toward the current grand opening special! Which includes:

  • Kitchen
  • Living room
  • Dining room
  • Entryway
  • Stairs
  • One bedroom
  • One bathroom

For only $79.00! (Add additional rooms for $15 each) Did I mention that includes baseboards, doors, and ceiling fans?!

So if you don’t want to wait, and need your house cleaned ASAP, you can get in on this offer right now! Tell them we sent you.
If you WIN, you can use your $100 towards the special and use the rest of your credit towards another bathroom or area in your home! Awesome right?!

To enter:

Leave a comment telling me the biggest mess you’ve had to clean in your home. Was it a 3 yr old loose with a marker in the playroom? Or a fridge line that broke flooding your house while you were out of town?

For extra entries, you can…

(Please leave a separate comment for each entry.)

This giveaway closes on Tuesday, August 2nd. Good luck!

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Make a Memory {Family Camping Trip}

Here we are, week 8 of the Make a Memory series. Each Monday now through the end of August I will feature a special family tradition from one of my favorite bloggers. It is so important to create lasting memories with our families and this will be a fun way to get ideas for fun traditions we can start with our own families. So let’s dive right in and see how Amanda from Every Creative Endeavor and her family make a memory!

I am so excited to be here for Make a Memory Monday! What a fun series and I love that I get to participate! It is so important to make memories with your family and I am thrilled I get to share one with you! I grew up in a family with five girls – but that never stopped my parents from taking us camping each summer. In fact, we looked forward to it each year and grew up loving the outdoors!

I have so many memories of packing up our car – sometimes dragging a U-haul behind us – and exploring Utah, Wyoming and Nevada! I loved laying out underneath the night sky and watching satellites and wishing on shooting stars, roasting hot dogs and marshmallows, rowing across lakes and down rivers, waking up to the fresh smell of the trees, tin foil dinners, Dutch oven dinners and Shasta sodas – but my very favorite thing was always sitting around the campfire!

make a memory 6

As my sisters and I have grown up and started our own families we have still made camping a priority – each year we have a family camping trip and are still making memories to share with our kids. I want my kids to love camping and the outdoors as much as I did growing up so my husband and I try to get up to the mountains as much as possible with our kids. We want them to get used to the idea because it will be happening each summer for many many years to come!

make a memory 4

make a memory 2make a memory 5Make a memory

So far – they both loving going for rides up to the mountains, playing under the trees, s’mores and snuggling up in sleeping bags! Let’s hope it stays that way so our little family can make lots of fun memories for years to come.

Thanks so much, Michelle, for letting me stop by and share some fun memories!


I loved camping with my family growing up too. Though now that we are all older with families and babies of our own we usually “rough it” by renting a cabin. Though with over 20 of us in one cabin it can get crazy! Thanks Amanda for sharing another great way to make a memory!

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