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I am so excited to be a guest at A Little Tipsy! I am a major fan of Michelle and all of her great ideas! This is the first place I come when I need something quick, inexpensive and creative!

My name is Corie and I am from the website, The Dating Divas! I have been married to my man for almost ten years. It is so easy to get lost in the daily shuffle of life and forget to “date your spouse.” The Dating Divas consists of eleven girls who love to date our husbands! We post original, inexpensive and fun date ideas that are a perfect solution for any marriage! We also feature crafts, marriage tips, ideas for holidays, and SO MUCH MORE! We enjoy dating our hubby’s so much that we want to share our ideas with YOU.

We live in a world where everything needs to be hassle- free and fast! How would you like a date night in a bag, sort of like fast food? This date idea can be ready in a jiffy! We know life can get hectic and this idea is something you can prepare now and have ready whenever you need it. I like to use our date in a bag whenever the kiddos are in bed and we actually have a little bit of free time. A big thanks to Aileen from Lil’ Buckaroo Designs for the incredible printables!

Introducing……Date Night in a Bag!

You can make your very own date night in a bag! The first thing you need to do is grab a bag. I found mine at the Dollar Tree for $.50. Then, all you need to do is glue the printable bag cover on the outside of the bag.

Download Bag Cover here!

P.S. Did you notice the “His” tag on the bag? That tag simply means it is “His” turn to plan and fill the date bag. After “His” turn, there is a tag that means it is a “Hers” turn.

Download “His & Her Tags” here!

The Date in a Bag Ingredients

After you get a bag, you need to think of a date idea to go inside of it. My husband and I wanted to see the movie, Red. So I Netflixed the Red movie and bought a ton of red treats to go with the movie.

I then put all of the items in a bag and voila, date night in a bag is ready to go! Now whenever we have a chance for a date night…we are SET!

How would you like TEN different date ideas to put in your bag?

Ok, you’ve got it….Download “Date Night in a Bag” ideas here!

Dating your spouse doesn’t have to be a big event. It can be something that is simple and easy! This is a fast idea that will have lasting effects on your date night. :) Be sure to check out our site The Dating Divas to find many more fun and creative ideas! Thanks Michelle for letting me stop by!


A big thanks to Corie for a spontaneous stay home date idea. I am all about a fun date we can do once the kiddos are in bed!

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    I have to say that this idea is just brilliant! I love making it an “event” by dressing it up in a cute bag and putting some thought and effort into the most important relationship in your life. Definitely something I needed today. :)

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    What a fantastic idea and gave me a big smile! My hubby and I need to focus on dating again. For 6 years before my daughter was born we dated every Friday night almost without fail…then she was born and of course adjustments had to be made but, we have yet to get back into a date routine even if it is at home…i’m digging this idea!!

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