Making a Bedskirt and DIY Toy Storage Pockets

Remember a while back when I told you I was part of a fun new group called Point of View who would be showing you our takes based on a theme? Well, it’s time!! Today is the day. The reveal if you will. This month’s theme was SKIRT. So take a look around, see which point of view matches yours and even link up your own! But, first, take a look at mine cause I am like a proud project parent just waiting to show what I have been working on.

One of these things is not like the other…

1. Amy {Ameroonie Designs}
2. ME & here you are for the tutorial!
3. Camilla {Rosy Red Buttons}
4. Gwen {Gwenny Penny}
5. Stacy {Not Just a Housewife}
6. Jonie {Just Between Friends}

You can link up your point of view on the skirt theme over on Stacy’s page!

Being the lack lustre seamstress in a house full of boys, here is my point of view on the skirt theme. Enter the no-sew bedSKIRT and DIY toy storage pockets upcycled from an old cargo SKIRT for my 3 year old’s room! See how I worked the theme in there. 😉

Let’s start off with making a bedskirt. Seriously, this is a no-brainer people. It took me all of 5 minutes and was, in true Tipsy fashion, FREE!

We have this bunkbed that my father-in law built and my husband grew up sleeping on. Sentimental, yet fun and rustic, perfect for the developing Paleontology theme (see more on that soon). There is always a collection of junk under there, some from my latest Costco run and some from the little guy hiding when I catch him awake during nap time. Either way, not pretty and full of clutter.

So here’s the kicker, grab the flat sheet (which my son refuses to sleep with anyway) drape it over the bed frame so it ripples a bit with the edges hanging to the floor.

Plop the mattress and other bedding on and ta da, you’ve got a matching set!

And now it’s an even cooler hiding spot.

Now for the bare stair. My son always climbs the other side of the bed, so I thought it would be fun to make some DIY toy storage for him to keep all his little treasures. And get this, this project was free too! My husband is going to shout for joy!

It all started with this fantastical box of a cargo skirt that I have had for years and have not worn in well, years. Add to it the pair of hubs jeans that bit the dust recently (pretty sure he wore those in our engagement pics). Then, just for kicks take the pockets from a couple of corduroy maternity pants that were hand me downs from someone much shorter than myself.

Slice and dice that baby right down the back seam so it’s a big open rectangle. Cut the pockets off the pants including the back fabric so it is a little envelope. This way the pocket is more durable

Grab your pockets and waistbands (used for hanging on to the steps) and play around with them until you get a placement that you like.

I wanted to keep it as no-sew as possible so I attached all the pockets with fabric craft glue.

I wanted each of the loops to have a button and be removable so I could take the toy storage pockets off the bed. I glued the back of each loop between the denim waistband and the cargo skirt to secure it. Since I used waist bands from pants, I automatically had a button on one end and a button hole on the other. So I used the button hole on the loop’s waistband and the button on the other half of the waistband to make the two end loops.

In the middle, I glued a random denim button on and used velcro for the re-usable closure. On the other one I used a denim button pin (in a pack of pant waist extenders) I had from the Dollar Tree.

Let it all dry overnight so it is secure and then roll the edges of the skirt back to have a clean edge and zig zag stitch with coordinating thread.

Hang your DIY toy storage pockets and let your little one fill them with their treasures!

The unveiling…

Now that you’ve seen my point of view on the SKIRT, go check out some of the others and link up your skirt if you have one! We’d love to see it!

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  1. says

    I LOVE it Michelle! I think it’s awesome you had a completely different take on “skirts”! And the toy storage is awesome. What little boy wouldn’t love having somewhere to hide all his treasures?

  2. says

    The bed skirt idea is brilliant!! I will be doing that in my son’s room TODAY! He won’t use the flat sheet either… Yea for me!!

    I love the treasure holder, too!! Great up-cycling!!

  3. says

    That is so clever with the bed skirt. I think it’s so great I’ll do it with my girl’s room . . . when she starts sleeping in a bed. :) And the pockets are really great, too! Thanks for inspiring us!


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