DIY Under $5: Making Fabric Flowers

I wanted a little something to spruce up my wardrobe, but did not want to dent my pocket book. I pulled out my fabric stash and got to work. I made a few little fabric flowers (you have seen them EVERYWHERE), but made them so I can interchange them and wear them a whole bunch of ways depending on my mood and outfit.

How to make Fabric Flowers


  • Scrap Fabric
  • Buttons
  • Hot Glue

Cost: FREE!!

Everything I used for making these fabric flowers was stashed in a drawer or on a shelf.

1. Cut out four fabric flowers. (I liked the back of this material better. It looked aged and had a burlap/canvas feel.)

2. Fold each flower in half and then in half again.

3. Glue all four folded flowers to a circle of felt or cardstock. Add a button to the middle.

4. Glue an additional piece of cloth over the one the petals are glued to. I only glued two edges so I could slide it on a headband or clip and interchange the flowers.

I also made another type of fabric flower by cutting out circles instead of flowers and using the same folding technique. I did two layers of circle petals making he second layer a bit smaller.

Wear them any way you like from head to toe!

In your hair…

On a cardi or necklace…

or bracelet…

{The grey knit bracelet is actually the top of a sock from my cute bean bags from worn out socks project. Shhh. Don’t tell. Does this make me a certified hoarder? I knew I could use it for something someday.}

or on your shoes!

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DIY under $5

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    THANK YOU!!! I made a skirt for my girls with CUTE fabric, and they asked me if we could use the scraps to make hair accessories to match the skirt. Marvelous idea… wasn’t sure HOW to do it! Now I know, and we’re going to have fun tonight!!!

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