Heart Wreath

I love that this wreath is so versatile. I made it red so it would work for multiple holidays. Right now I have it all set up as a heart wreath for Valentine’s Day, but can easily swap out the accessories to sparkly stars for the 4th of July or ornaments for Christmas.

There is a great tutorial on Simple Sage Designs for this crepe paper wreath, so I won’t reinvent the wheel. But, this will give you a good clue as to how it is done.

I got it done with just the red, but it was missing something. I felt like it was just a big red blob.

So I cut a bamboo skewer to about two or three inches and inserted in the top.

Then, I added some of my fabric hearts.

I hung it up using an over-sized push pin on the back side of the door, but it still needed something.

So I took some advice from the Beatles, “All you need is love.”

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