Thursday, September 30, 2010

Paper Pumpkins

I found some really cute doilies at Dollar tree and immediately knew I could make some fun paper pumpkins out of them. If you have five minutes and a glue stick you can make these! They are so easy and turned out super cute.

Items needed:
  • Paper pumpkin doilies
  • Glue stick
  • Green wire or ribbon

1. Separate the doilies, this can be tricky as they stick together. I never did get 36.
2. Fold the doily in half with the orange inside.
3. Glue two white sides together by putting glue on the parts without holes and carefully lining them up.

4. Continue gluing and stacking. I liked using 12 doilies per pumpkin. It seemed to have just the right amount of fullness. Glue the top doily to the bottom doily to finish it off.

Congrats you just made paper pumpkins! Don't you look fancy!

Put them on the table or hide them from your toddler on a shelf.


Post sponsored by PSprint. Here are 20 wicked Jack-O-Lantern halloween design inspirations to boost your creativity.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Natura Bedding Review

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A couple of months ago I was contacted by Natura to review some of their natural washable wool bedding. I visited their website and was excited to try the comforter and mattress pad.

All-Natural Kids Washable Wool Comforter by <span class=Kids <span class=

We were in the process of moving our son out of the nursery to prepare for boy #2 on the way and it really could not have come at a better time. I had been looking for some bedding for the little one and was not in love with anything. We wanted a paleontologist theme in his room, but I did not want him to look down and see dinosaurs on his bedding and get scared.

Natura provides products that you can feel good about, organic and hypoallergenic so that you know your little one is wrapped up in nature's goodness. I love that I can help him fight off his fears the boogy man and his bedding can help him fight off invisible "monsters."

I got the package in the mail and the nursery transition began. Our office turned big boy room had fresh coats of paint, carpets cleaned and was all ready for his new (to him-it was daddy's bunk bed when he was little, his dad built it) bed to be dressed. (I did not iron the comforter, it is straight from the box. Don't judge.) I love that everything was fresh, new, and germ free!

I have to be honest I was a bit skeptical about wool, to me many times wool is associated with scratchy and hot. But, the washable wool is wrapped in cotton sateen that is sooo soft. I hardly want to leave when I lay on it to read him bedtime stories. The comforter is designed to regulate temperature which is great for these transition seasons when it is cold one night and hot the next. Our little guy tends to get hot and sweaty when he sleeps so this is ideal. See all the cool features on the box.

And the mattress pad is under there, you just can't see it. I love that it is waterproof without being noisy or crunchy. Little guy is newly potty trained, so a good mattress pad is a must! I love that it provides a little cushion on his rather firm mattress and according to the box has "Natural Silver Technology that kills microbes, fungi, viruses and dust mites." After the Kirby salesman showed me a picture of dust mites that means a lot to me!!

So now that his bed is properly "armed" I can send him to bed feeling good and armed with a battle axe for any other monsters that may decide to creep out of the closet. Is mine the only kid who forgoes the teddy bears for swords, hammers and saws? Sleep tight little one!

Now, I just wish I had their baby collection for the one on the way!

In all fairness, there was a little sticker shock when I first saw the prices. They are high for my taste, but you pay for quality right. I mean look at all these certifications!
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P.S. On the Natura homepage it says that if you Fan them on Facebook you get 10% off!!

Thanks Natura!

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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Fall Garland

I got the idea a couple of weeks ago to make a fall garland that reads "I've Fallen for You." I headed over to Dollar Tree to see what I could find to make my fall garland a reality.

They had just what I needed.
Two 4 ft. fall garlands
Three packs of fall leaves with wire stems

1. Stretch out the garlands on the table so you can see the space you have to work with.
2. Using a sharpie, write a letter on alternating colors of the wire stemmed leaves to spell out "I've fallen for you."

3. Attach the leaves to the fall garland using the wire stem, spreading them across the whole thing, but leaving room to attach a picture between each word.

4. Print small pictures of your family in Sepia tone. Most of mine were 2"x 3" so I could print two on a 4" x 6" photo paper.
5. Attach them to the fall garland using garden twine.

6. Hang on the wall. I tied twine to the garland and hung a loop over a nail.

I love that it brings a bit of those luscious warm colors in and can stay up until Thanksgiving. I don't want to have to worry much about my decor with the new baby coming mid November.

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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Cereal Treat Sunday-The Classics

Today we are sticking with the classics, the cereal treats that I assume most people know about, but if you don't, you must. These three recipes are favorites that have been around a while because let's face it, they rock!

Rice Krispies Treats
(btw I have been spelling that wrong for years! Who knew it was Krispies?)

Ooey gooey marshmallowy crunch, is it possible? Yes, yes it is!

Chex Muddy Buddies

Chocolate and peanut butter smothered in sugar, hand it over please!

Golden Grahams Indoor S'mores

No campfire needed for these babies!

All three recipes are a delight to the taste buds and will conquer the crave for crunch.

If you have a favorite cereal treat, leave a link in the comments or send the recipe to me by email ( and maybe you will get featured.

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Saturday, September 25, 2010

General Conference Activity

It's that time again! LDS General Conference is almost here and I am always looking for things to entertain the kiddo. Here is a coloring page I made for a General Conference Activity. Feel free to print it off if you like.

Click on image to print the General Conference activity page bigger.

Original pumpkin picture source

Here are some more great General Conference activites:

Temple Sewing Card & 1st Presidency Coloring Page conference packets
Sugardoodle General Conference Activities

Also, don't forget all the adorable file folder games and general conference activities at Green Jello with Carrots. You can get 20% off all their downloads with code: TIPSY.


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Friday, September 24, 2010

Feature Friday-Blog Swap with Not Just a Housewife

Hi! I am Stacy and I am visiting from Not JUST A Housewife . A Big thanks to Michelle for letting me post here today! Don't you just love her site?

I am a stay at home mom to 4 little boys. I love it! I love that every day is different. I love most things that have to do with home making. I love crafts, coming up with fun activities for my kids, cooking, decorating, gardening, and building furniture. My blog is only 3 weeks old so I appreciate the opportunity to get the word out about it.

Here are some of the things you can see on my blog.

Chocolate Spiders for a fun Halloween treat ( there are peanut butter ones too!).

Find out all the fun things you can do with a jar of buttons.

I love the show Cupcake Wars. I have been trying out new recipes. I have made rootbeer float, chocolate malt, chocolate strawberry and peaches and cream so far.

I also love to make custom decorations for my home. See how to paint fabric HERE.

We bought a darling 1938 home and I have been remodeling it one room at a time. Come see my cheap bathroom renovation!

For me gardening is therapy. It is what keeps me sane! I have a huge garden and I love to bottle what I grow. I will try to share what I have learned with you.

Michelle asked me to answer a few questions.

  • What is my favorite crafting tool? My nail gun! I use it all the time for fixing things,adding molding, and building furniture or shelves.
  • What is the best Halloween costume I have come up with? My kids never want to be anything "normal". One year my little boy wanted to be a FLY! Of course I had to make it. because where else would you get one? It was a labor of love because I DO NOT sew well. I didn't have a pattern either. But it turned out alright.

  • And last of all. . . What is my favorite fall treat? Pumpkin rolls with the cream cheese filling. Yummmm!
Thank you for letting me introduce my blog to you!


Stacy is one of my newest sponsors and is incredibly talented! You can spend a ton of time perusing her posts as they are all seriously gold! She is so creative! I am amazed by her Bug's life bed and she also has a cool alternate to pumpkin carving. Thanks Stacy for swappin' it up!

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