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Hello Little Tipsy Readers! I am Suzy and I have a little blog called Joy Is At Home. I am thrilled to be hanging out here today! Michelle’s blog is one of the very first (I mean like first 5!) that I started reading and she got me addicted to craft blogging! She’s amazing… even 2 weeks after having a baby! CONGRATS! So needless to say, I’m a HUGE fan & honored to be here!!


I am a {newly graduated} nurse and recently engaged, so wedding planning is right up there on my to do list! My fiance and I also built a house this year so I have been quite busy decorating {on a budget}! My blog is my creative outlet and it is full of tutorials for decorating, DIY gifts, accessories and crafts! I love to make stuff that is inexpensive… like this dishwasher magnet I made out of an old CD.


Or these felt flower headbands that cost under 25 cents each to make!


And these coasters that were made from terra cotta planters.


I also made this photo frame from a cabinet door I found for $1 at the Restore.


And replaced those icky, squirty bath & body works foam soap dispensers with these mason jars & a generic pump.


{I just realized that nothing I showed you in this post is over $5.00 and it’s really making me feel like a cheap-o!}

Now, since it’s the day after Thanksgiving and I just know you are all busy decorating your house for Christmas (wait, you did that 2 weeks ago like me?) I thought it was only fair to post a super quick & easy tutorial for you! So here goes!

When I saw this cutey-pie Christmas Tree in the Pier 1 adds, I knew I needed it! But $35.00? Really Pier 1? Since we’ve already established that I’m a cheapo, I’m sure you know what’s comin!


I started off with glitter paper (found@HobLob), white paint, wood plaque (49 cents at Michaels), glitter and a foam paintbrush.


I first cut out my random sized circles and then made them into little pacmen.



I then made them into little cones. If you weren’t using glitter paper, it’d be really easy to just glue or tape this. But since my paper had so much texture I had to use brads to keep them closed.


Once I did this, I stacked them and taped them on the inside. This is where it gets a bit messy. I painted the base and paintbrush handle white. After it dried I covered it in mod podge and then sprinkled with silver Martha Stewart glitter. I then used gorilla glue to attach the paintbrush to the base. My hands were so messy that I didn’t think handling my camera was a good idea. Once they were stacked, I stuck a piece of wire through the top and cut out a star from the paper.

To attach the base and the tree, I cut out a piece of cardboard into a circle and taped it from the inside. I poked a hole through with my paintbrush and stuck it right in.


And here you have it! My knock-off Pier 1 Christmas Tree!


Thank you so much, Michelle, for having me! I hope you will stop by sometime soon! I love making new friends!

Have a wonderful day!


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Um, that Christmas tree is super adorable! I feel a trip to Hobby Lobby coming on! Thanks for swappin’ it up Suzy!

BTW Happy Black Friday everyone!!

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    No cheap-o! Amazing-o! I heart thrifty projects! They fit wonderfully in my nonexsistant budget…haha. Thank you for sharing your fun ideas. I think I want to make a few of those adorable trees :)

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