Boy Week: Kid Suspenders

Hello Tipsy Readers! First, congratulations to Michelle on her new addition!!! Also, thank you to Michelle for allowing me to share my tutorial to her lovely readers – all of you!!

This is my second tutorial for suspenders, when I first started sewing again (after years away) I made this tutorial for suspenders. Now that I’ve sewn some more I decided to rehash it, pretty it up, and re-post it. Here goes:

To start, gather your supplies:

  • Tape Measure
  • Rotary Cutter
  • Scissors
  • Thread
  • 3/4 or 1 inch elastic x 7 inches (5 inches finished length)
  • 3 Suspender Clips
  • Fabric:
  • 1 piece 3×5
  • 2 pieces 2.5 x length needed

Step 1: Measure your child for the suspenders. For this step, I had my husband help, cuz my little guy can be a wiggle worm! We started on the front right, and brought the tape to the middle of his back. I like my elastic to be about 5 inches long, so we measure 5 inches up from his pants line. If you measure straight to the pants line, you will have too much fabric.

Step 2: Cut cut cut. Take your measurement for the suspender fabric and add 2 inches, 1 inch for extra for seams on each side. For my son, we measured 16 – so I cut my fabric 2.5×18.

Step 3: Put your elastic end through the suspender clip. Fold end over the back 1/2 inch.

Stitch once using straight stitch, then I use a zigzag stitch over the raw edge.

Step 4: Iron your 3×5 fabric piece. Fold and iron short ends back.

Fold and iron long ends back.

I did iron both sides, and didn’t realize I didn’t have the picture until I was done. Sorry!

Step 5: Fold 2 1/2 x 18″ fabrics in half long ways – right sides together.

See my pins?

Sew 1/4″ seams along edge and turn right side out.

I use a dowel to help me turn.

Iron with seams in back.

Step 4: Fold raw ends of fabric inside 1/4 inch. Iron, then sew.

Step 5: Attach suspender clips to fabric. Like we did previously with the elastic, insert fabric through suspender clip, and fold back 1/2 inch.

Sew once using straight stitch, and then use the zigzag stitch. Do this for the other fabric strip also.

Step 6: Sew the two fabric strips together. Match up your edges and pin.

Sew in a square for durability.

Step 7: Wrap 3×5 piece over elastic. Leave a small gap at the top of the fabric, where you will connect to the “Y”.

Step 8: Sew “Y” and elastic together.

Step 9: Put them on your little man, and try and get a picture with him holding still! 😀

He wasn’t too happy with me or Daddy 😛

Hope this tutorial works for you! If you have any questions you can email me here. Also feel free to visit my blog with my lovely sister here, or my quilting blog here.

If you use this tutorial for suspenders, I’d love to see them in the flickr pool here!!!


I just love these suspenders and how perfect would they be with a Trendy Tikes boys tie!! Thanks Tiffany for this great tutorial!

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  1. says

    Thank you for this tutorial, I’m adding this to my ever growing lists of projects to make! Now whether my boys will actually wear these is a different story, lol, but I’m going to make a few up…

  2. says

    Those are really cute! I love dressing my son in suspenders, but I seriously lack the creativity to make my own. I always go to, they’ve got great ones for kids, and I love to buy matching for my husband and son, they look so cute when they wear them. Great job!

    • Michelle Barneck says

      @Kelly I’m sure there is, but this was a guest post and unfortunately I am not much of a seamstress so I’m not sure how. I bet there is an adjustable tutorial out there somewhere. Maybe try a google search or pinterest to start? Sorry I’m not more help.

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