Frosted Glass Jar Lanterns

This is a craft we did at LDS Girl’s Camp that I just loved. We turned pint glass jars in to little lanterns. They turned out adorable. I am going to be putting mine in my little guy’s new paleontology room. Stay tuned for deets on that. Now for the how to on to the Frosted Glass Jar Lantern Tutorial

Supplies needed:
Pint jar
Stickers (or contact paper cut by Cricut)
Heavy Wire
Flat clear spray paint
Tea light (real or battery operated)

1. Choose stickers and place them on the jar. These will be the spots left clear in the end.

2. Take a long piece of wire (2 or 3 ft depending on how many times you want to wrap it) and wrap it around the neck of the jar under the lip where you would screw on the lid. Leave it loose enough to fit a piece of the wire through for the handle. Use the pliers to pull the remaining wire around and up through the wire around the neck to make the handle. Make an arc of wire over the jar for the handle and secure on the other side. You can make a second arc or wrap the remaining wire all around the first handle to make it thicker if you like.

3. Hold the handle and spray the jar all around with two light coats of flat clear spray paint. If you spray too much at once it will drip. It will not look frosted until it starts to dry.

4. Let the paint dry for a few minutes and spray more if you want it more frosted. If it is too hot leave it in the shade to dry or the stickers will melt and leave residue on the jar.

5. Once the paint is dry peel off the stickers and put the tea light inside. We used the battery operated kind. You can get them at Dollar Tree.

The girls also got charms from different activities they participated in to add to their lanterns.

I found out from the lady in charge of our craft at camp that the original idea came from Under My Umbrella via Sugardoodle. They have a tutorial, but their background was missing so you could see the pics but could not read the words. Thus, I made this tutorial.

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    We did this for our girls’ camp too. We got the flickering battery tealights, and as the girls came up the hill to Testimony Meeting we passed them their lanterns while singing different hymns. As the sun went down it really set the mood. I want to make Halloween versions for the house this year:)

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    Thanks for linking up! You are so cute and such a doll! I just love how cute these turned out! What a fun craft for Girls Camp.

    Funny story. No one I’m related to (blood or in law) read’s my blog. So last week at my husbands family reunion his cousin comes up to me and says “I saw you on my favorite blog a few weeks ago, a little tipsy? how did you get on there?” Funny! And a small world! I felt pretty cool that I KNOW you!

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