Kid Friendly Lunch

Looking for some kid friendly food this summer? This is what my little one lovingly calls “tray food.” We put lots of little finger foods in a fun ice tray. He loves to gobble them up out of their little slots and I love that he is filling up on healthy foods.

We try to have something from each food group to fill his tray.

Above: Mini rice cakes, ham, clementine, carrots, string cheese
Below: String Cheese, nuts, craisins, carrots

Some of our other tray food faves are: popcorn, celery, raisins, grapes, and olives. Really anything that is small and can be eaten with fingers.

I originally saw this idea on Supermom Central last fall.

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    You should check out Muffin Tin Mom. There is something called Muffin Tin Monday & you make your child food & serve it in a muffin tin. Sometimes there are themes & sometimes there aren’t. The kids love it & they get to try a variety of foods. {}

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    I’m new to your blog, it’s so cute. I love this post by the way. I have a son that is so kindly referred to as Mr. Picky and getting him ti try new things (nightmare). I like this idea. He might like it too. I’ll try it.

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    This is so cute. I now have school age children and they pack their own lunches, including my 6 year old. I made a how to pack your lunch chart for my kids. You can see it on my blog at
    Its listed under School Lunches. If you like my site I would love for you to take my button. I have yours on my blog. I love your site btw!

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    i do this with my kids too.. they would rather eat an assortment of healthy snacks then a prepared meal.. where do you find those trays? i know i’ve seen some somewhere but i can’t remember because it was months back.. they’d probably think it was fun eating out of them instead of a plate.. thanks for sharing :)

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    Megan- I got our trays at Dollar Tree during different seasons we have christmas tree, hawaiian flower and pumpkin trays, but i have seen fun ones at ikea also.

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