Birthday Freebies

It’s my b-day! I am the big 3-0!

(or shall I say 29 and holding, though if I am going to hold, why not make it 25?)

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I know, freakish huh. But, this week I have been celebrating with free stuff. I found a list of places with free stuff for birthdays a while back, signed up on a few and forgot about it until the freebies started rolling in. Here is some of the stuff I got.

Free meal from Noodles and Company

Free dinner from Benihana

B1G1 Blizzard from Dairy Queen

B1G1 Dinner at Medieval Times

Free Blue Ray DVD and 25 points from Disney Movie Rewards

I already enjoyed my Blizzard last week, Noodles & Co for lunch, and will be heading to Benihana soon! There is also a free shake from Iceberg drive in this year on your birthday with proof of birth date. Can’t pass that up!

I could not remember where I found my list, but here is one that is similar if you want a mailbox or email box full of fun free stuff on birthday week.

Birthday Freebies List from Hey It’s Free

BTW it is also the bday of Donald Duck (looking great for 76), Johnny Depp (please let me look this good at 47), and my cute friend Camille!

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  1. says

    happy happy birthday! I hope you enjoy your day and that Jared spols you!!

    ps. Thanks for Johnny – what a little giver you are! Even on your birthday, spreading the wealth of one hot man!! He is such a good looking wierdo!!

  2. says

    Ashlee, I totally need a cake! We had sherbet at Benihana. Lisa-that cake is wishful thinking. I just borrowed the pic for a little visual flair. Kara-I just got an email for a free Cold Stone for my bday!

  3. says

    Happy Birthday Michelle. Although I haven’t read your blog in a while, I still love your fun ideas. Congrats on your upcoming new addition! (Hailee’s Gramma)

  4. says

    I little late, but Happy Birthday! I’m so glad we’re birthday buddies! – along with Johnny Depp and Alex P. Keaton! :)

    Along with your list of freebies, Cold Stone and Baskin Robbins offer free ice cream on your birthday! Hope it was a fun day!!

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