Rain Cloud Art & Music Activity & Teaching Toddlers How to Use Glue

Dear Spring,

Your killing us with all this rain. We are doing our best to keep busy and happy inside, but are hoping May brings flowers and no more of these showers. To show our appreciation for all this moisture we are dedicating this activity to you. Know that you are officially recognized and that you can feel free to go on your merry way!

Sunny Sky Hopefuls

So I’m sure many of you are like me and trying to keep the kids entertained and distracted from the fact that outside is not an option everyday. Here is a little Art/Music Project that is super easy, uses what you already have and will keep the kiddos busy for a good few minutes.

Items needed:

White Cardstock
Blue paper
Condiment dish

Since my little guy is not yet 2 1/2 I did all the cutting, but older kids can handle this on their own. Cut out a Cloud shape from the white and lots of raindrops in varying sizes from the blue. This can be a fun way to teach about big and small.

I decided it was high time my guy had his first experience with Elmer’s so I pulled out a few helpful tools to minimize the mess.

He loved dipping the Q-tips in the glue and doing it all by himself. After a while, the cotton starts to stretch so I recommend changing Q-tips a few times so the end stays intact and easy to work with.

He also liked choosing which raindrop to use and where to put it. Sometimes with toddlers it is all about giving them choices. I like that this made him feel really independent. Frankly, I have never seen him this quiet and concentrated!


After our little Rain Cloud Art Project, I taught him some rain songs. Basically, the only ones I could think of, I was too lazy to look any up.

We sang:

  • Rain, Rain, Go Away
  • I’m Just a Little Black Raincloud (from Winnie the Pooh)
  • It’s Raining, It’s Pouring

I have been realizing that lots of little kids rhymes and songs are kind of gruesome. Now, my little guy insists that the old man “broke” his head, not just “bumped” it.

Here’s a little clip I caught halfway through…

When I told the hubs what we had done, he suggested the song “Rain drops keep falling on my head.” That may have been one with a happier spin. 😉 I can’t help that my songs have one saying “Go AWAY”, one pretending to be something else so you can steal, and one with a man dying.

Just thought I would share. I know if you live in UT you will have plenty of time to use this in the next three days with highs in the 40s!

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  1. says

    Man, I have been working around drug using teenagers for too long, because the first thing I thought of when I saw your title was teaching them how to sniff it.

  2. says

    Our childhood songs are kind of gruesome. Like the one about the old lady swallowing the fly, “I think she’ll die.” But, I think they’ve changed it to something more child friendly…

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