Dunking Oreos with a Fork

Thank my Daddy for this little tip. He has been dunking his Oreos with a fork for as long as I can remember. It’s a great way to enjoy cookies and milk without dunking fingers or only getting half the cookie. Just poke your fork tines in to the white center and you are good to go!

I love me some Oreos and milk!

Oreo did not in any way compensate me for this post, though I would accept a lifetime worth of Oreos, or heck one free package for my trouble. 😉

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    My friend Sarah taught me how to do this & she said that she even did a timing thing to see the bast amount of time to dunk your oreo for a project in college…hahaha & we were just discussing this the other day. It really is a great way to dunk these guys :)

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    This definitely is the way to go when eating those morsels of goodness!! Wouldn’t it be fun if you did get a free package or two? : )

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    Okay, I am buying a pack of Reduced Fat Oreos (because I’m not a filling fan) and trying this out. You rock! I mean, your dad rocks!

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    I have been doing this for years!! It is so much easier – when I started dating Spencer he thought I was nuts and now he does it all the time too!!

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    Wow, really? So why didn’t any of you other ‘fork dunkers’ tell us ‘slimy finger dunkers’ your tip before? All hail Michelle…improving the world, one oreo at a time! It just so happens I have Oreo’s in my storage, time to improve the day!


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