11 Ways to Decorate Plastic Easter Eggs

34 cent bag of small plastic Easter eggs, one challenge. Find 10 different ways to decorate them using only what you have in your house. You got it!!

I got a little carried away and technically there are 11 ways!

Starting tip:Paint your eggs open in half so you can put them on your finger to paint and they can sit on the ring to dry.

Nest tip: Get creative using scraps of paper, burlap, or twine and items that you already have sitting around.

1. Let’s start simple with an Antiqued White Egg. Pull out your craft paint and give it a couple coats of vanilla. Let each coat dry. Take your sponge brush still wet with vanilla and dip it into tan. Dob it around to get on your paper to get excess paint off and then dab around the surface of the egg. Once there are spots of tan covering the surface, Use the flat side of the brush to give the egg the texture of a real eggshell. Just press it lightly against the entire surface of the egg a bit at a time.

2. Numbered Eggs-Use the same technique as the White Antiqued Egg and use a small paint brush to paint numbers in brown. You could use a stencil or rub-ons, but I did not have them on hand.

3. Paint Speckled Robin Eggs-Paint two coats of muted colors like cream, light blue and tan with a sponge brush. Use a paint brush or toothbrush to splatter paint uneven speckles in an opposite color.

4. Dyed Twine Wrapped Eggs-Dye your twine using food coloring diluted with water. For the teal, I used about 7 drops of blue and a few tablespoons of water and immersed the twine in a little ceramic condiment dish. For the purple, I used the existing blue mixture and added about 7 drops of red food coloring and a little more water. Let the twine dry and then wrap it around the egg hot gluing it along the way.

5. Glitter Dot Eggs-(I got this idea some where in blog land, but could not find it, sorry. Contact me if it is you!)
Place small glue dots (the ones you buy at the craft store) all around your egg then dip them in glitter.

6. Sparkle Eggs-Coat your eggs with mod podge using a foam brush then sprinkle glitter over them.
7. Sequin Covered Egg-Wrap a strand of sequins around your egg hot gluing as you go.

8. Glittery Monogram Egg-Use a tiny paint brush to paint your monogram using mod podge. Sprinkle glitter over it until thoroughly covered.

9. Paint Marbleized Egg-This idea was born when I accidentally dropped one of my painted eggs and it rolled and made a really cool pattern. Just paint your egg a color that contrasts with the plastic color. Then while the paint is still wet roll it around some paper making patterns all over the egg. Once the paint is dry coat with mod podge to protect and give it some shine.

10. Paper Decoupaged Eggs- Coat your egg with mod podge. Rip a little piece of paper (those will small patterns look best) and place on the egg. Paint over the paper with mod podge and smooth down with your fingers. Repeat until covered. Some of the papers may have to crease to accommodate the curves. Once covered paint on a final coat of mod podge to seal.

11. I guess this is the bonus idea. Dot painted Eggs-this one makes me feel a little retro for some reason. Use a tiny paintbrush or the pointed end or a pencil. Dip in paint and dot away making patterns.

Well that was one Saturday filled with some Easter “eggs”citement! Anyone need some eggs? ;)

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  1. says

    Those all turned out so great! I will have to try and make a few – but considering that Easter is in 5 days – maybe they will be next years decoration!

    Sorry about Sunday again. I feel badly that we missed dinner and then we didn’t even come and get any – it sounded so yummy but I was so sick from traveling and Quinn has an awful ear infection from some strange virus – so it is probably better that we holed up in our home for the past couple days!

  2. says

    So many eggs…so little time! :) I found many ways that I wanted to try decorating plastic eggs but haven’t really had time to get past the ones I painted antique white. Maybe next year…Yours turned out cute! My favorites are the speckled ones.

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