Kids Valentine Hand Print Heart Art Project

You know how I love a good hand print art project. So for Valentine’s of course we needed a heart. This Valentine Hand Print Heart Art Project is so easy and turns out really cute! All you need is some paper and a little red paint.

(not the first time he’s been caught red handed, ha ha)

Just paint your hand red and place with fingers close together on your paper. Then repeat with the other hand overlapping the fingers to make a heart.

We made one with mom and son’s hands, though his heart turned out WAY cuter than mine. I think mine looks like some monster that is going to eat his.

But, I hung it up anyway of course.

We made some heart hand prints to send to family…

and then I just let him go to town and make a whole bunch of valentines all by himself for his cousins. I even let him use the fancy scissors (his first time using any scissors) and he was pretty darn good at it!

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Creations by Kara

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  1. says

    How fun! We did hand painting the otherday and well! I need to make hearts! Thanks for the idea…. and the one of both your hands is!

  2. says

    Love the idea! Do you think my 10 yr old daughter would be so “too cool” for this? I think that they would make a great addition to my husband new office decor. Thanks for the inspiration! Come and say hi! love meeting new people!

  3. Anonymous says

    I LOVE these. I have a three year old, a just turned two year old, and a one month old. I wonder what the odds are of getting all three hearts of theirs to come out good on one page to frame for Daddy’s office. Hmmm….

    for some reason I can’t get my wordpress link to go through… so I am doing anonymous, but I am liking to this on my blog. Check it out sometime.

  4. Amy says

    I love the idea of framing it. I am going to do my 3 yr. old and my 9 mo. old together and frame it from grandparents. Thanks for the fun ideas.


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