Monday, June 29, 2009

The Tipsy Top

Hey there! You may have noticed the addition of the buttons below the header. Well, for the one labeled "The Tipsy Top" I want to include the top five reader favorites. I pulled ten past favorites based on comments and clicks and want to know what you think! Please Vote for your top three faves by leaving a comment with the corresponding numbers (i.e. 1 for Idea Binder, 3 for Single Socks,etc)! You can choose from these below or do a write in if you have a favorite that is not listed here. Thanks for helping me out!

1. Idea Binder-organizing your ideas

2. Meat Market-Organizing meat in the freezer

3. Single Socks-organizing socks in the laundry

4. DIY Wall Art

5. Cleaning Your Range Hood in a Minute Flat

6. Easy Car Seat Cover Tutorial

7. Teddy Bear Hooded Towel

8. Ribbon Embellished Burp Cloth

9. Ten Tips for Affordable Baby Boy Decor

10. Decorate Your Flip Flops/Seaside Cupcakes

I can't wait to see the results! What a great way to top off hitting 100 posts! Voting will close Wed night, July 1st so get your vote in!

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Decorate for the 4th-shop your house

I have been really in to shopping my house lately. You know finding stuff you already have that can be used elsewhere to make it look like something new. So I was feeling the need for some patriotic goodness around my kitchen and since I did not have all the supplies needed for the fun things from the 4th of July Decor and Crafts post yet, I did a little in home shopping (not on QVC).

Here is what I came up with:

These little beauties (from Ikea, inherited by way of my little sis) had not been updated since Easter, remember. They were on top of the fridge, but have migrated to the space between my microwave and my cupboards. They are the perfect size! I love dual function, decor and treat all in one.
I had kind of a hard time finding blue treats that I would actually eat. These candies are blue raspberry Jolly Ranchers, Apple Strawberry Lifesavers and Hot Tamales. I plan to put some stars on the lids in coordinating papers, but did not get to it yet.

Here is the grouping, that's right I did a grouping, on top of my fridge. The frame with the bow is a gift from a friend for Christmas. The plant is from my kitchen table (remember the one string plant). The stars are from the Target dollar section. I had another pic in the frame on the right with a lavender background and had that pic in another frame with snowflakes?! Weird. I did a little switcheroo framed it in red and there you go. Immediately pulls out the pop of color from the flag in front of the Salt Lake LDS temple and it now screams "My country tis of thee."

So now I am enjoying Life, Liberty (from an un-star spangled kitchen), and Pursuing Happiness. Does our nation not have the best colors? I love our flag!!

I almost forgot about my entryway flair. This is a plain garden hat I bought from Target for Trek. I then added some flower hair clips that my friend brought me for my birthday.

*edit Kimm at Reinvented and I must have kindred spirits because she had the same idea! See the rest of the idea link ups on her Trash to Treasure Tuesday Independance Day addition.

What do you have sitting around your house that you could use?

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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Easy 4th of July Decor and Crafts

Ribbon Topiary by Whitney Caroline Designs
Isn't this cute?! I have the Styrofoam ball and moss left over from my DIY moss ball project (coming soon). I bought a container I am going to paint and a some star ribbon at the dollar store yesterday so I just need a little more ribbon and a dowel!
Ribbon Topiary
Sand Candles from Martha Stewart
If you can pour, you can do this! Just add a votive candle to a cup of sand. Easy peasy!
Easy Sand Candles

Presidential garland by Lipstick and Laundry
She got the president flashcards from the Target dollar section and hung them with twine and mini clothespins. What a fun idea!

Uncle Sam Windsock by McIllece Spot
Another fantastic use for an oatmeal can!What a cute and friendly way yo dress up your doorstep or deck!

Little Hands and Feet flag from Serendipity
This is just too cute! The kids will love playing with the paint and displaying this work of art.

Paper Cone Fireworks by Little Birdie Secrets
This one was not necessarily meant to be for the 4th, but wouldn't those paper cones make really cute fireworks made out of Red, White and Blue papers?!

Party poppers by Little Birdie Secrets
I totally have plans to make some of these for my little guy and nieces and nephews. I am going to combine this design with the next one so they look more like firecrackers with the tie on one end only. I got a bunch of fun 4th stuff (necklaces, bubbles, pop-its, etc) in the Target dollar section to fill them with. Now I just need to use a bunch of toilet paper and fast! I need those cardboard rolls!

Firecracker Candy Favors from Homemaking Fun
Lifesavers never looked so good!
Firecracker Craft from make and Takes
A really fun craft for the kiddos. I just got a pack of really bright tissue paper at the dollar store to make my party poppers and was wondering what to do with the orange and yellow.
firecracker craft

4th of July Twirlers by Family Fun
All you need is plastic lids, scissors and string!
Fourth of July Twirlers

Star Spangled Luminaries from Family Fun
A great way to brighten up the night at home! Make them festive with tissue paper lining the cutouts or to keep it simple, just leave them brown.
Star-Spangled <span class=

Just one week until the fourth! Better get to it! Later!

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Friday, June 26, 2009

Feature Friday-April Showers (Blog Design)

Today's Feature Friday is April the mastermind behind April Showers! April is the creative genius behind my new and improved wardrobe change (blog design). I am so happy with how it turned out. Not only does April do personalized blog designs (they are one of a kind and can come with custom illustrations, can't you tell that's me up top?!) for unreasonably reasonable prices, she makes you laugh your head off. Literally, I have to keep it from rolling down the stairs sometimes.

Like this video she shared the other day. I saw the five minute time stamp and thought I would just watch a few seconds...NOPE. I could not tear myself away.

April recently started including tutorials on her blog for those of you who are really motivated to have things just right on your blog. I obviously need to visit the How to Make Your Own Menu/Navigation Bar tutorial and get mine working! ;)

And did I mention the freebies? I used a ton of these before my redesign. The secret is out. They are such a fun addition and you can't beat free! Here are a few examples:

So, if you are looking for a new blog design or just a good laugh, April comes highly recommended!! Here is a sneak peek in to her portfolio:

Love it! Great new BlOg DeSiGn April! Let me hear a woot!

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June Visiting Teaching Handout

If you are a slacker like me and have not done your June visiting teaching yet, here is a handout to take along. I tried to do 4th of July, but in my 10 minute time allotment got more of Rusty barn star.

Feel free to use it if you like! You have 5 days left. ;)

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Thursday, June 25, 2009

I have a brand new...

BlOg DeSiGn!! Yay!! What do you think?

20,000 hits calls for a new look!

We are still a little under construction, so pardon our dust!

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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Wordless Wednesday-When Hubby Helps With the Decor

My first Wordless Wednesday...see more at 5 Minutes for Mom

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Quick Kid's Paint Smock/Rock Painting 101

I have wanted to let my little guy try painting for a while now, but I was concerned about the potential mess. I am kind of a meany when it comes to mess making activities. I finally broke down and decided it was time. I did not want his clothes to get covered in paint and at this stage a bib only last about 45 seconds so I fashioned a "painting smock" for full coverage from one of my old T-shirts (you know the ones you get free from your employer but never have one ounce of a chance of being worn out of the house). I pulled it tight and clipped it to size with chip clips.

Isn't he such a nice model pointing to the clips.

I felt a little like MacGyver (minus the mullet).
(Did I just date myself? Dang it.) I am all about using what you've got. Which brings me to the paint...

I had every good intention of buying finger paints, but did not get to it so he got to use my craft paint and a sponge brush. Which he promptly broke within 15 seconds and mama (aka MacGyver) taped back together. I decided to use a rock instead of paper because he loves rocks and I had visions of him crumpling the paint filled paper and throwing it on the hardwood. I covered the table and floor in newspaper ads and put the paint and the rock on one of those thick Hefty brand plastic disposable plates. I love them for painting because I just wash it off after use and can use it a hundred times or if I get lazy I can throw it away and start fresh next time.

Near the end, it turned to painting hands and then immediately wanting the paint off the hands.

We washed up and let the paint dry and then I coated it with Mod Podge (up until now I always thought it was Modge Podge until I saw it typed right next to the pic, weird, I like Modge Podge better!) so daddy could have a most fantastic paper weight for work. Which is quite ironic since daddy works for a software company and I'm not sure they deal with anything that is not electronic. Oh well!

The masterpiece.

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Monday, June 22, 2009

Laundry Lessons-get pen ink out of clothes

Here are a couple of tips to share for those laundry lovers out there. remove pen ink from clothing, try hairspray. It works! Just spray it right on the stain and wash. Granted, I have only tried this small lines of ink like those, whoops my kid got my pen marks. I have not tried it on big puddles of ink like a pen breaking on you.

I read this somewhere and have been trying it. I have not noticed a big difference, but you can try it. To remove deodorant discoloration from the armpits of clothing try adding a few aspirin tablets to the load.

And here are a couple for laughs...
I don't think this is what they meant by putting your two cents in. I laughed a little two hard when I saw these two pennies in the bottom of my washer.

Here's a good reminder for all of us, don't ride a bike pulling a baby trailer in wide leg jeans. You will get caught! Come to find out those guys who wear those funny things on their pants that make them look way dorky when they ride their bikes do it for a reason. Oh the irony, I got bit for making fun of those guys. Once I untangled my limb from the death grasp of the two wheeled monster I had to peg my pant leg to make it home. AWESOME!

Did you know that laundry is my favorite chore? I seriously have a thing for laundry. I love the sorting. I love hanging it up right from the dryer so it does not wrinkle (I do not love ironing). What's not to love about a chore that you load in to a machine and it does itself while you sneak in to catch up on "So You Think You Can Dance"? I am dying to make one of these!

(Sorry, I can't remember where I got this pic. I saved it before I got delicious. If you are out there I am happy to give credit!)

Do you have any stain removal tips (besides Oxiclean, which I love by the way)? I would LOVE to hear them! Leave a comment.

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Friday, June 19, 2009

Feature Friday-Lindsey @ The Pleated Poppy

Today's Feature Friday is Lindsey from
The Pleated Poppy

I guess you could call her a party girl. She has so many great ideas for party themes and invites! I am currently planning a baby shower, so I was thrilled to find all of her ideas! I bet you are dying to see them all, but let's start off with the one minute interview.
  • What is your favorite crafting tool or secret weapon? I don't think I could live without my rotary cutter and cutting mat.
  • How do you come up with ideas for your parties? I try to ask my kids what they want the theme to be, but I often give them a few suggestions to choose from. I get lots of ideas from magazines, especially from wedding related mags. So many of their great ideas can be transformed into kids' parties.
  • What is your favorite summer activity with the kids? We like it easy and lazy around here. Most afternoons you can find my kids in the back yard along with: the sprinklers or hose, bikes, scooters, and sidewalk chalk. Clothing tends to be optional.
  • What's on your nightstand? Phone, sewing supplies to patch my favorite jeans, a vanilla candle, a wire basket full of books - either about parenting, theology, or home schooling - none of them read through entirely, always a metal tray with a sewing project on it to do in bed. I also have a picture of my husband and I when we were still dating and a baby monitor.
Naturally, for a party filled post we have to start out with the invites! She has a whole post full of Invite Ideas. I wish I would have thought of the message in a bottle for my little guys pirate party!

Or how about this adorable Baby Buggy Shower Invite?
If I was not such and inadequate seamstress and was not doing a TON of invites (we are inviting the entire ward) I would love to do this!
I would give birth to twin girls just so I could have this shower! Ok, maybe that was a little overstated, but seriously, this Two Chicks Baby Shower is my dream!
But wait!! Another Birdie party?! Did you read my mind? This Little Birdie surprise party is so sweet. And this tree, I have to have this tree! And just wait until you see what they did with newspaper!
I know I have been little miss boy biased in the past which is why I am using this post to even up the Score. Are we even yet? How about if I throw in a Pink Party? I want a room I can just leave like this so I can go in there to recharge my Estrogen after a day with my boys.
Just one more girly item to share. Lindsey shares a fabulous tutorial on how to Fix a Dress that is a mess. See those little flowers? They are made from scraps of fabric to cover old flowers and stains. Brilliant!!Ok, I can't help myself. It is a problem. I could not do an entire post that did not have something boy in it. This Cape tutorial is just too cute! Besides, you could make them for girls or there. ;)
Great ideas Lindsey!! You are now entered in to the Hall of Fame as Tipper of the Week!

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