Friday, February 27, 2009

LDS Gift Idea

Here is a small gift religious gift idea. This was for my YW adviser's birthday. I started with a small clay lamp. Then, I wrote a note about how she is an example of someone who keeps their lamp full and helps us keep ours full. You could say "an example of the believers" since it is the mutual theme this year. I rolled it up like a scroll, tied it with some raffia, and put it in the hole in the top of the lamp.

Then, I made a ribbon from scrapbook paper by cutting thin strips, curling them with scissors and stapling them together. I also cut a bunch of strips and squished them up to look like Easter grass to put in the bottom of the bag. I made a matching tag, and tied it and the scrap bow to the clear treat bag with raffia. I think it turned out pretty cute.

Recipe Round-Up

I have been battling with my stack of recipes for some time now and I finally got them somewhat corralled (do you like the western theme I am running with here?) into a handy dandy binder. I get most of my recipes from magazines (Namely Kraft food and Family, love them. Fast, cheap, easy. Hmmm. That description sounds a bit questionable. You can see the online version here.) and the internet (Mostly Good Things Utah since I can watch them prepare it and then see if it is something that I can manage.) So, I had a stack of print outs and magazine clips waiting to have a real home.

Enter your friendly neighborhood binder. I used tabs to separate by type (salad, soup, entree, etc) and put a sheet protector behind each tab to house any recipes that have not been tried yet. They don't get a permanent home until they have been properly taste tested. I punched holes in the family favorites and put them in, but am debating on putting them all in sheet protectors so they don't get ruined while I am cooking. Although, the occasional smudge adds character.

Someone mentioned that if you put them in sheet protectors you can write on them with erasable markers if you need to half the batch and then just wipe it off when you are done. Smart!

Well here she is, the fabulous binder, pretty cover and all.

Unfortunately, well maybe fortunately, I forgot to take before pics. Imagine a big stack of paper and clippings. Done!

Organizing Blog

Visiting Teaching handouts

There is one day left in Feb. Have you done your Visiting teaching? Either way here are some handouts with quotes from the messages that I used. It is a fun way to spice up a visit with a little digital scrapbooking. It makes it cute to put on the fridge too! I included March too for those of you who are on top of it and go at the beginning of the month.

I also gave my women who are mothers the YW handout from the last post because I thought it had a great message and a nice girly touch, especially for those in houses full of boys!

March VT message Get the actual 4x6 image here.

Feb VT message Get the actual 4x6 image here.

YW lesson 8 Queen Sceptor handout

I got this idea from Sugardoodle and changed it a little, but cannot find the original idea. (Sorry to not give credit, I tried to find you! It may have been under lesson 7 or 8?)

I told the girls how each of us is the queen of our home and asked them what they would like their home to be like. Then I asked them what the temple is like and had them relate how we can make our homes like the temple. (Peaceful, clean, beautifully decorated, happy, filled with the Spirit)

I made each girl a scepter to take home with this great quote on it. I used a sparkly pencil, the quote printed in an oval shape on card stock and tiaras cut out of sparkly card stock and taped them all together. Then, I embellished the quote with sparkly glue.

Get the Oval template here.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Spice Up Your Life!

How many random things can you find in your spice cabinet? I found some Crisco cubes that expired in 2006! I decided to finally tackle this monster and organize my spice cabinet since every time I opened it it seemed like an unavoidable avalanche. I found this wood spice rack at DI for $1.50 and that was the beginning.
I sorted everything by how often I used it, threw out anything that was old and washed the shelves. Then, I put it back in with things I use most often in the front. I put all the little packets in a Tupperware to "contain" them with anything that was open on the left to be used first. It may not look like much of a difference, but believe me, IT IS! Can you believe that I have a rotating spice rack under this cabinet too? Good grief.

Before After

DIY Wall Art

Aren't these great? One Saturday morning, $15 (if you have to buy everything) in supplies, and a little creativity is all you need! Come on, let's make you some too!

I stole this idea from EightCrazy and modified it for my skill level and budget. I in no way claim to be a master crafter and so I will word this tutorial to those like me who would like to be crafty, but sadly are just taking baby steps. For you master crafters, this project will be a breeze. Ready, set, baby steps:

Items you will need:
Foam Core Board 20"x 30"
Box cutter (aka utility knife)
Something to raise the foam core or cut it on
Scrapbook Paper (the thicker papers work best trust me on this one)
Something to cover your work space
Modge Podge (I had gloss, but would recommend matte if you are buying it)
Sponge Brushes (about 1-2 inches wide)
Acrylic Craft Paint (little bottles at the craft store)
Hair Dryer
Scissors/paper cutter

1. Start by measuring and cutting your foam core into six 10" x 10" squares. I made my husband do this. (I am still scarred from a grade school pop bottle bird feeder experience with a box cutter. Who gives a kid a box cutter to cut a 2-liter with anyway?) He put the four corners on my son's little books to raise it off the carpet and used the level to guide the edge.

2. Then I painted the edges brown. I did two thick coats letting them dry thoroughly after the first coat so I could see where they might need special attention on the second coat.

3. Then I tried cutting the paper to match the size, but found it easier to just match up two sides of the paper to the edge of the foam and modge podge it on. Using the sponge brush I coated the face of the foam with modge podge, placed the paper on top lining up two edges and pressed down firmly everywhere to make sure that it stuck. Let this dry for about 5 minutes.

4. Then place your foam on something (I used an old board) to trim the paper. (I got brave and did it myself this time) The trick is to go kind of quick and not press too hard with the cutter.

5. Some of my edges were not perfectly straight so I sanded them a little. That took a little paint off the edges, so I ran along the corner with the side of my paint brush that was still wet with the brown. This gave it an inked look that I liked, so I did it to all the edges.

5. Using the sponge brush, I put a thin layer of modge podge on the paper and covered it completely. I also put a layer of modge podge on the sides over the paint. As it dries the paper may begin to wrinkle or bubble a bit, check the edges closely (especially if you didn't use the thick paper). That's where your handy dandy hair dryer comes in! Once your piece is no longer sticky, use your hair dryer to warm the bubbles and wrinkles with heat and smooth them down with your fingers at the same time. I used the low setting, so it would not get as hot.

6. Voila! By using the foam core instead of canvas they weigh next to nothing, so I just stuck them up with the 3/4 inch glue dots. That way they do not damage the walls and you can move them around.

Yay for a successful project!!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

What a Bargain!

So Friday I headed out to buy some diaper disposal bags from the dollar store...and I came home with THIS!

Uh, er, try explaining that one to hubby. He was not pleased when he heard I went shopping, but once he saw everything I got for $65 he calmed down a bit. So here is the documentation of my haul.

First, Dollar tree. I swear they must put something in the air there that hypnotizes you to think, "hey, it's just a dollar, you can have it." Then, as you ring up 30+ items at the register you wonder what in the world just happened. I am actually very pleased with everything I got. I stocked up on things for Easter, organization, and home decor projects I have in the works. Stay tuned for Photos of items here used in future posts!

As for my next stop, this was totally out of character for me. I have been reading a few blog posts about repurposing things for use in creative ways. They all talk about the bargains they found at the thrift store and how they used it so I decided to stop at D.I. It usually freaks me out a little to think of getting other people's stuff, but I thought I would give it a whirl to see if I found anything I could paint. JACKPOT!! I could not believe my eyes, I went crazy and came home with the following:

As a side note, everything has since been washed and sanitized. ;) This is also a great way to be eco-friendly you know! Once again, watch for guest appearances of this stuff in future posts! I have big plans for many of these pieces!

If you were not aware, I am a compulsive bargain shopper. It is a sickness really. One of the many confessions and acceptances I will share here on Tipsy.

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Friday, February 20, 2009

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